Five Kittens Were Rescued From The Sewer One Was Half The Size Of The Others But Still Had Faith In Himself

A litter of kittens in need of a foster home was notified to Jess Thoren, a volunteer at Animal Care Centers of NYC. Jess explains, “They were discovered alone in a sewer on Seiten Island, without their mother.”
The tiniest tabby kitten was severely fragile at two weeks of age, weighing just 122 g, whereas the other babies in the litter weighed 100 g more.

The kitten’s chances of survival were slim, and Jess was cautioned that he might not make it. Despite this, she brought all five of them home and stayed up all night checking on the youngest.


She had to tube feed him by the hour for several days, keeping him hydrated and warm at the same time. One fine morning, the boy finally perked up, and things went smoothly.

As soon as his voice and energy returned to him, he began meowing non-stop, urging Jess to feed him soon. Over the next few days, the minke whale (named Henry) gained weight and strength.



Even though he is a few steps behind his brothers, he is unfazed and makes every effort to catch up.

“Henry is still not as coordinated as the others, and he’s a late bloomer,” Jess explains, “but he’s growing.”

“He makes a lot of noise, especially when he’s hungry.” He purrs, rubs, and falls asleep soundly on my lap. “He also enjoys being scratched behind the ears,” Jess says.

“Henry is improving his playing skills, but he is still awkward at times.” He’s a sportsman who strives to play with people considerably bigger and heavier than himself.”

Henry and his family had been saved for just over three weeks. “When I took him from the shelter, the staff said that he might not survive,” Jess recalls.

“After many long nights, innovative tube feeding techniques, and unconditional love, Henry has now surpassed the 450g mark!” “I’m ecstatic to be a foster mom!”


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