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The York Chocolate (or truly York) turned into an uncommon American breed of display cat, with an extended, fluffy coat and a tapered tail and most of them had been ordinarily or entirely chocolate-brown or the dilute form of brown referred to as lavender. The breed became named after NY state, where it becomes installed in 1983. This breed changed into created through color-choosing home long-haired cats of blended ancestry.

The breed changed into no longer widely recognized with the aid of cat registries. It changed into no longer recognized by way of the principal corporations together with The international Cat affiliation (TICA), the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA – North the united states) or Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe – Europe). by way of 2015, there has been only one indexed breeder of York goodies (Debbie Reber). with the aid of 2016, no registry carried its breed preferred, there had been no breeder web sites and the breed is considered extinct. despite the fact that similar searching random-bred cats can be found today, without pedigree papers those aren’t York Chocolate cats.

As “Il Gatto Cioccolato” it observed favor in Italy and the international York Chocolate Federation (IYCF) became founded there in 2003. The website can now best be observed at the net Archive, having become dormant during. The IYCF claimed association with the German tom cat Federation Europe (FFE)/Bavarian Cat Fanciers’ Association (BCFA), which published a fashionable (minus coloration statistics) in 2004. It additionally claimed affiliation with the Russian global Felinological Federation (WFF), although the latter does no longer recognize the York Chocolate as a breed.

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The breed became created by Janet Chiefari in 1983. the daddy turned into a black longhaired cat and the mom became a longhaired black and white cat. Their Siamese ancestors created the brown coloring in one kitten: Brownie. Brownie had a litter that subsequent summer with a black longhaired tom. There were two kittens in the muddle: a chocolate male and a white and chocolate lady. Upon noticing similarities in coat and body types, Chiefari commenced her very own breeding application.

The breed is identified, below the shorter name York, by the recently based world Cat Federation primarily based in Germany, and with some differences from formerly posted standards, maximum of which seem to be lost. The breed isn’t recognized with the aid of any primary, lengthy-hooked up international cat fancier corporations, inclusive of The worldwide Cat affiliation (TICA), the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation (CFA) or Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe), nor even US national companies which include the American Cat Fanciers affiliation (ACFA). In March 1990, the Cat Fanciers’ Federation of the new England location of the USA diagnosed York chocolates as an “experimental” cat breed and allegedly gave it championship fame inside the organization in March 1992, however, publishes no breed preferred or some other records about the breed nowadays. It turned into supposedly granted champion fame by the Canadian Cat affiliation in March 1995, as properly,[ but at the same time as the CCA posted a breed trendy in 1995, as of March 2013, the organization not advertises it, and it consists of previous wording.
A small breed club, the international York Chocolate Federation (IYCF) became founded in Italy, however, it seems to was dormant due to the fact that 2004. It claims affiliation with feline Federation Europe (FFE), which due to the fact 2004 publishes a York Chocolate standard (lacking the color information) and the arena Felinological Federation (WFF), a Russian group, which does no longer understand this breed.

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The York Chocolate was a totally pleasant, even-tempered breed that became very content material as a lap cat. They cherished to be held and cuddled. The cats had been described as intelligent, lively, and curious, happily following their proprietor round. They had been true companions and proper hunters. They seem to be enamored with water and are every so often shy.

Height: 8-10 inches
Weight: 10-16 lb
Lifespan: 13-15 years
Physique: Large body, firm muscles
Best Suited For Any cat-loving household, including singles and families with children and other pets
Temperament: Friendly, affectionate, playful, energetic.
Comparable Breeds: Domestic Shorthair, Domestic Longhair


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York Chocolate cats are even-tempered, friendly, sensible, curious, and active. The York Chocolate is available in chocolate brown or lavender, as well as a combination of these two shades. normally, the coat might be lighter in kittenhood, however, it’ll grow to be a silky, wealthy chocolate color as the kitten grows and reaches maturity.

York Chocolate cats are purebred and are expensive for that reason. Depending on the breeder, type, and heritage, Kitten can cost you anywhere between $500 all the way up to $1300.