Why Is My Cat Scratching The clutter box

Itching to recognize your cat’s litter-scratching conduct? As perplexing as it can be, some cats without a doubt revel in digging and gambling in their clutter bins. most of the time, that is normal.

however, sometimes scratching within the litter box becomes immoderate. before you pop in the earplugs, don’t forget that something is probably frustrating her. here’s a listing of inquiries to ask your self:

Is there sufficient clutter in the box?
Is the field large enough for her?
Is the field kept clean?
Is the field in a relaxed and private vicinity?
yes to all of the above? Then perhaps your cat doesn’t like her clutter. Cats react differently to exclusive merchandise. So try some other form of Tidy clutter and spot what she thinks.

Of course, Tidy loves to be thorough. So if nothing seems to ease your cat’s urge to scratch, talk for your veterinarian just in case.