Why is My Cat drowsing inside the litter field

My Cat drowsing inside the litter field Tidy is familiar with worn-out. but if your cat starts drowsing within the litter container or starts off evolved striking out in there, have her checked by way of the veterinarian. a few ailments could make the cat sense a regular urge to head, while some cats simply experience mendacity in a smooth muddle container.

multiple cats
were given a couple of cats? in case you’ve ruled out fitness problems, your cat can be looking to defend the field in an energy play (down, kitty). but much more likely, your cat is simply snoozing within the muddle box for one of these motives:

She likes dozing in an enclosed place.
It smells like her.
It makes her sense safe

Tidy is aware of what to do
attempt giving her a higher place to sleep. It shouldn’t be an elaborate mattress—just any other cozy place to put.

if your cat was currently followed from a safe haven, the comfortable space of the litter box may additionally experience acquainted with her. attempt offering her with a shoebox or crate with soft blankets to snuggle in, and recognize that once she profits confidence in her new domestic, her sleeping behavior might change. Tidy says sleep tight.