Why do kittens do what they do

Decoding Kitten Behavior Why do kittens do what they do? no doubt your first reaction would possibly have something to do with being irresistibly cute. And whilst no respectable cat lover would disagree, the behaviors kittens have interaction indefinitely have any other motive. this is, to help them grow to be healthy, well-adjusted cats.

We think of kittens as tiny, purring puffs of fur. but even when they appear to be complete-grown they may be now not yet adults – at the least not for the primary two years. to begin this developmental length off proper, it is helpful for kittens to be lightly treated via human beings for at least 15-forty minutes each day. Kittens handled like this for the duration of their first seven weeks are much more likely to increase large brains, come to be higher beginners and more exploratory, playful companions.

during their first seven weeks, kittens are already turning into social. by their third week, they could see properly enough to find their moms. through week four they’re searching out their littermates. And by way of week 5, kittens clearly begin to groom themselves and different cats – pretty an accomplishment, considering that some human kids develop into adulthood lengthy earlier than they grasp this.

round this time they begin running, stalking and pouncing, all with a fierceness this is frankly cute. This gives them the possibility to research appropriate social behaviors, like the distinction among a play chew and an actual bite, and how to maintain play wrestling playful (and now not painful).

WEEKS 7-14
as soon as week 7 arrives, the play behaviors truly ramp up. before, your kitten changed into restrained to her mom and littermates… but now the sector is her toy box. literally. If she can stalk it, chase it, pounce on it, bat it around or trap it in her mouth and claim victory, she’s equipped to try it (something to maintain in mind as you kitten-proof your property).

Weeks 7-14 are commonly the most energetic play duration for kittens. but at the same time as it might appear to be your kitten is all play and no paintings, understand that all of those kitten behaviors are honestly supporting her find out about her international, and sharpen her instinctual hunting abilities. additionally, they assist her to expand that signature pussycat balance and agility.

To inspire her eventual awesomeness (and deliver your self some stimulated cat enjoyment), that is a top-notch time to introduce toys that trap hunting and play hobby. after you do, get prepared to revel in a display.

MONTHS four-6
during these 3 months, you may see your playful kitten begin to apprehend the hierarchy on your family. yes, she’ll truly be ranking the contributors of her own family, both feline and human… and you will understand your region in her organizational chart by the way she acts around you.

Now your kitten is a teenager. which means you’ll see more exploration or even a few experimenting with dominance… which includes hard participants of her human own family. So be prepared to set a few limitations, and to discern with love.

citing infant
As your kitten grows into and via the exceptional levels of her formative years, remember that random and quirky although they’ll seem, each behavior definitely does have a cause. And that finally, all of them will integrate to make your kitten the uniquely enjoyable, sensible, charismatic (and on occasion exasperating) cat she turned into born to be.