Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other On the Mouth?

Licking other dogs’ mouths is the behavior that comes from early puppies when puppies are licking their mother’s lips. The purpose of this behavior was to encourage the mother dog to replenish food for them. … a dog might lick the mouth of another dog after playing a harsh role to express a peaceful intention or to apologize.

For many animal enthusiasts, trying to know the intentions behind a dog’s behavior can inspire intrigue and wonder. Body language and context are key factors in determining dog behavior. A dog licks another’s mouth is a gesture that can have multiple meanings.

Dogs to say hello
Doctor Hanan notes that when the dog urges the mouth of another dog and engages its tongue, it may simply give an enthusiastic and happy “welcome”. Breathe easily if you discover that your endearing Yorkie is licking Chihuahua’s mouth, for example. It is a very strong indication that young children are on good terms – at least for now. It may also mean that “licking” believes the other dog is its boss. Signs of hostility are usually very public, from roaring to loud barking and snarling.

To achieve peace
In some cases, licking another dog’s mouth may indicate peace-making and pacifism, according to Doctor Hanen Abdel Rahman. If the conflict is escalating between a thin duo for any reason, one may approach the other and lick their mouth as a way to extend the olive branch of some kind. The dog has absolutely no desire to fight and wants to make things easier and make things “normal” again. One of the smart cookies, Furry, sure.

Dependency sign
Licking another dog’s mouth might be a sign of submission, according to the Rancho Coastal Humanitarian Society. When the dog feels defeat and weak, he may lick the mouth of another dog to show the other one who admits inferiority. This is basically a way to recognize the superiority of dogs over others. This is also an example of a dog not in combat mode by any means.

The sign of affection
A dog may lick a fellow’s mouth as an affectionate sign, nothing more. It’s basically a kind of kiss, though perhaps even dirtier. Doctor Hanen Abdel Rahman suggests that licking another dog’s mouth in some cases may be an invitation to play together – great. When the dog licks the human face, the impulse is often very similar, too. However, mouth licking is usually not a hostile act. In fact, the opposite is usually the case.