Why Do Dogs Howl When They Hear a Siren?

As it turned out, the reason for howling dogs in the sirens is due to their origins – that is, the wolf. When the package members break and spread, their comrades will howl to find a way to determine their location. … the more a dog hears and responds to the siren, the more able it is to continue the behavior.

Howling is one of your pup’s vocalizations, which he uses to communicate with you and other dogs. Dogs may howl out of pain, loneliness, or when provoked by a sound. A common trigger is the noise of a fire engine’s siren blaring within hearing distance of your pooch. If Fido’s howls are frequent and bothersome, desensitize your pooch to this sound with training.

Dogs will respond to the siren call.
When the fire extinguishing speed is accelerated, the siren fire truck, which is very similar to the ambulance, is launched to evacuate drivers and pedestrians from its path. From afar, this sound is very similar to a howling dog. Strangely enough, Fido may answer what he considers another dog to say hello by howling him to the “dog” which is indeed a siren, according to “Dogs: The Ultimate Care Guide: Good Health, Loving Care, Extended Long Life.” Howl generally is a form of dog communication, so it makes sense that Fido believed that another dog, from a distance, was calling him.

Dogs respond to a high noise tone.
The beep sound contains loud and high pitched tones, which may sound louder than your dog. Depending on the Doppler effect, the dog feels that the siren pitch is higher than when a moving fire truck approaches its position and less than when it turns away. Dogs can hear loud noises of up to 45 Hz, compared to humans who can only hear up to 23 Hz, according to Louisiana State University. With their excellent hearing, some dogs will loudly whistle the frustration of this annoying sound, which contains high-pitched tones that you can’t hear. Fido might even find his howling of sound makes him stop – while the fire engine is actually just moving away.

Your dog may warn you of something big approaching.
Upon hearing the siren, your dog may howl in your way as a way to alert you to the presence of this strange, loud noise. This type of response is inadvertently reinforced if you try to calm it down when it buzzing in passing sirens. Any kind of attention, even negative shouting in the puppy to calm down, gives your dog a message that if he howls at the siren, you’ll notice, according to WebMD. A puppy may finally ignore this type of behavior in the end if it is for the purpose of grabbing your attention.

How to cope with a dog howl.
While howling from time to time due to passing sirens was not a problem, if you live near a fire station, it may become a problem. Play a fire siren recording or wait for a real one to drive. Say “quiet” to your puppy when he starts to howl and feed him a series of very small chicken pieces to prevent him from pronouncing, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recommends. You can also wait to see if he stops screaming while the sound continues and rewards him with rewards. In the end, he will learn that silence produces rewards and will be silent when driving.