Why Do Dogs Bark When the Doorbell Rings?

Some dogs may bark with great enthusiasm to receive guests. Dogs that bark enthusiastically at the doorbell noise are often enthusiastic dogs for guests. Every time the doorbell rings, ask your dog to perform behavior such as sitting, lying down, or going to his rugs.

You always know when someone comes to the door. Sometimes before the bell rings, Rocco really stands there barking a storm. You may find the behavior troublesome, but Rocco thinks it will help you by letting you know the stranger who is approaching.

Think of your initial reaction when you hear the doorbell: You drop what you do and run to the door. When you open the door, your neighbor will bring you a pie. You’re excited to give her a hug, and she’s even nice enough to bend over and raise Rocco’s head. Rocco begins to know that every time someone comes to the door, it’s time for excitement as he gets attention from a new person.

Your canine loves his house and everything about him. When this doorbell rings, someone definitely comes to disrupt its quiet environment. Rocco’s barking is simply a sign to let the intruder know that this is his herb. The Humane Society of the United States explains that if he feels his lands are threatened, he will stand up, hold his tail high and raise his ears forward while barking. Fangs that feel threatened may bite, so do not allow your guests pets for Rocco if it displays threatening behavior.

The fear
Rocco may be a little shy and loud noises scare him. He turns away happily, dreaming of catching this squirrel when the doorbell suddenly rings, and everyone races at home to open it. If Rocco was afraid when the doorbell went off, he would press his ears again towards his head. He may wave his tail on the ground or stick his tail between his legs.

Behavior Correction
Instead of shouting at his barking, Rocco rewarded for calm. Patting it while barking only encourages behavior, making it more likely to do so every time the doorbell goes off. Teach him to sit and stay or put him on a leash before opening the door. Do not allow your guest to pet Rocco until he sits quietly. Avoid optical contact and ignore it until the bark stops. He will soon discover that silence and knots still give him the affection he craves, not the noisy bark.

Other tips
If Rocco’s barking comes from fear, then you will have to work with him to boost his confidence. Keep a box of cookies at the door. When your neighbor comes, ask Rocco to treat her when he sits down and stops barking. In the end, he will learn that the people who come to the door are not mean and that the doorbell is not a fear of it.