Why do cats love massages?

The gentle touch of a massage can be a source of great relief and comfort. So it’s no surprise that this technique can be equally beneficial for your pet as it is for humans. Cats, like humans, experience ailments which require more than standard medication. With enough knowledge and with gentle hands, you can help your cat reap the rewards of a therapeutic massage.

Cats may show their pleasure during massage by purring and gently kneading their paws. … Cat massages may also lower the blood pressure of the owner, acting as a relaxation technique for both parties.

How do you give a cat a good massage
That’s right, not only are you pampering your cat’s friend, but you’re being good to yourself too. As you massage your cat, your cat will benefit from endorphins released as you gently manipulate their muscles. However, the sensation of touch causes your own body to release serotonin, which relaxes you and makes you feel happy. Cat massage may also help lower your blood pressure.

Cat massage is about taking time out from your busy day to focus on your pet. There are no distractions; just you and your cat. This time away from other obligations is exactly the break most of us need in our busy lives, with the added benefit that you’re strengthening the bond between you and your pet. Massaging your cat is almost as beneficial as having a massage yourself! Now if only we could train cats to massage us.

benefits of massage
The skin is a cat’s largest sensory organ and directly connected to their overall wellness. By understanding the benefits of massage, you will be able to strengthen the bond you have with your pet. So, what kind of benefits could a massage provide a cat, you ask? Plenty! The benefits include:

  • Reduces pain, generally from joint stiffness and arthritis
  • Lowers blood pressure levels and heart rate
  • Creates a general sense of wellness
  • Strengthens the bond and trust between you and your cat
  • Increased flexibility, aiding with stiff joints and tightened muscles
  • Mental and physical relaxation, invoking calm, and reducing stress. It has also been shown to alleviate anxiety and aggression in nervous cats and improve socialization
  • Increase circulation through stimulation of the muscles and tissues which improves blood flow and releases toxins.

Before you begin the massage
For your first massage session, there are a few things you will want to remember to do. First, you will want to know what your cat normally feels like: all of their normal lumps, bumps, and pre-existing conditions. This will help you detect any new abnormalities that you may feel on your cat’s body. You will also want to be on the lookout for signs of illness or injury, such as cat bites or a mass in the abdomen. You will want to also check your cat’s glands, which are located under the jaw, in the armpit, the groin, and the upper hock areas. To prevent overstimulation, your cat’s massage should not exceed 30 minutes. Contact your veterinarian if you find any abnormality before proceeding with a massage.

cat licks you
When cats lick you, it can mean that they are attempting to teach you to groom yourself. It’s a memory your cat had from being licked by its own mother and is a real sign of affection. Cats will also lick each other as a way to calm them down.