Which is better kittens or puppies?

If you get a kitten first, try to get the kitten to be around dogs sometimes. … If you get a puppy first, when it’s time to get a kitten, I suggest choosing the kitten with the dog. Most dog breeds actually welcome kittens as long as you don’t neglect the dog, it takes more time if you get an adult cat.

kittens or puppies Having experience with both I would say a kitten is easier in total. … You’ll have to be careful with both though. Cats don’t usually have to obey many commands.

Kittens Are Better Than Puppies
According to science, people who own kittens and cats are up to 41% less likely to die of a heart attack than people who own other animals due to the stress-relieving benefits of their company that puppy owners don’t report receiving to the same degree.

As well, kittens can be cheaper to own each year, whereas puppies cost more due to requiring more toys, treats, food, and higher average bills at the veterinarian.

Kittens have a smaller carbon footprint than puppies considering they eat less meat, so you can rest easy knowing that you are helping reduce the burden on both the environment and the meat industry by owning a kitten.

Further, it was recently shown in a scientific article that people who are drawn to the personality of kittens and become kitten owners tend to be more intelligent than puppy owners.

Puppies Are Better Than Kittens
Puppies are great companions for people who need a service animal as certain breeds can be big enough and strong enough to help other-abled people when they require physical assistance.

Puppies are also known to develop a higher understanding of commands than kittens, making them much better behaved. As well, puppies provide immediate unconditional love to their owners, while cats can take some time to warm up to their owners and show their love in different ways.

Further, puppies require a lot more attention and playtime from their owners, so they are better suited to more active people who are able to give their pet the attention and exercise that they require.

Which Kind Of Pet Is Best For You?
Ultimately, it comes down to which kind of pet suits your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a pet. Some people will get the most out of having a kitten, while others may get the most out of having a puppy.

If you are unsure which kind of pet is the best for you, write down what sort of needs you have and take in to account your schedule and daily routine so you can budget your time for your new pet.

Puppies are a lot more demanding on their owners’ time, and require a lot more attention and exercise each day. If you are able to accommodate a puppy, then you should look for the breed that suits your lifestyle. If you are unable to accommodate a demanding schedule of an animal, then a kitten might be best as they require minimal supervision and only some entertainment each day.

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