What kind of collar is best for my cat?

If you allow your cat to travel outside of your home, you must be smart about using a breakaway collar to keep them from accidentally hurting themselves if their collar gets stuck on a fence, tree branch, etc. … (Even if your cat is strictly indoors, breakaway collars are still highly recommended.)

When you are searching for that perfect collar for your feline friend, it can actually be a difficult choice with all the options available today. To bling or not to bling, to jingle or not to jingle, really the list goes on and on. While having a pet ID tag on your cat’s collar is vastly important, keeping a breakaway collar on them is the safest way to accessorize your kitty. Here’s why breakaway collars are so important for your cat’s safety:

To keep your cat safe, the sole purpose of the breakaway collar is to unsnap/unclick when something pulls on it with force. This way if your cat gets their collar caught around something that entangles them, it will keep their neck safe and prevent them from choking. Obviously this is something that you would want as your cat is not under your supervised care around the clock and a costly accident could prove very bad for both owner and cat. Many breakaway collars on the market now come in a variety of colors, patterns, and bejeweled designs. Although you may see a super cute collar for your cat in the typical style, remember that safety should come before fashion when keeping kitty out of harm’s way.

Your cat will likely be wearing the collar you chose for many years to come. Because of this, comfort is an essential feature of any cat collar.

There’s no shortage of gaudy, ugly cat collars out there. There’s also plenty that is just plain boring.

The perfect cat collar has to look good and, if possible, match your cat’s coloring and personality.

For a rough and tumble new kitten a camouflage collar might be the way to go, while for a more elegant princess something with rhinestones could make more sense. The best judge of what will look good on your cat is you!

There’s no use buying a gorgeous new collar if it’s going to slip off your cat’s neck three times a day or start fraying as soon as you take it out of the box.

The best cat collars are durable and adjustable, providing them with a high degree of functionality.

There are hundreds of tragic stories about cats being choked by their collars, so understandably one of the most important things about a collar is how safe it is for your pet to wear.

Break-away collars, which have a safety buckle that opens if the collar gets caught on something, are generally the best in this regard.

Can I buy a tracker for my cat?
Tractive has now produced separate trackers for cats and dogs. With real-time tracking every 2-3 seconds and activity monitoring of your cat’s movements with heatmap, along with the geofence feature which we think is a must-have feature of a pet tracker, this does everything you might hope for and more.

Should I walk my cat?
Not all cats will want to be walked on a leash, but every cat should be given the opportunity. Walking a cat can provide your pet with a more enriched life. A lot of cats love to go outside and smell things, see things, and roll around in sand and grass and dirt. They love to scratch real trees.