What Is Panalog Ointment Used for in Dogs?

Derma-Vet Ointment (Dermalog) (Generic Panalog) Derma-Vet Ointment (Dermalog) is useful in treating acute and chronic otitis media of various causes, in abscesses between cats in dogs and dogs, and in anal gland infections in dogs.

Panalog is the opening veterinarian in the fight against ear infections in dogs and cats. It is also beneficial for the skin problems of small and large animals, from rats to elephants. Easily available at moderate prices from discount sources online, it’s a godsend for your uncomfortable dog.

Ears down
Ear infections are not uncommon in dogs, but they are more common in dogs with lower ears. Hanging ear tongue reduces air circulation in the ear canal, creating a warm and moist environment ideal for yeast and fungus flowering. Nystatin is an anti-fungal component of Panalog, which is effective in controlling ear problems caused by yeast infection. Panalog also contains two antibiotics, broad-spectrum neomycin, and thiostrepton, which is more specific to Gram-positive organisms, to deter or prevent bacterial growth in an already irritated dog’s ears.

From the skin out
Panalog is useful in many types of dermatitis and skin irritation, including cysts between toes. Yeast infections from the same organism that cause ear problems can also cause skin problems elsewhere on the dog’s body, such as the groin area. If the skin is irritated by a yeast infection and it is broken by scratching, a secondary bacterial infection can occur. Two Panalog antibiotics can thwart this. Triamcinolone acetonide is a powerful steroid that soothes skin irritation and relieves itching. Mineral oil or Vaseline soluble in water moisturizes and soothes irritated skin and helps heal scratches, scratches, and minor burns.

Show background
Dogs have scent glands on both sides of the anus that secrete an unpleasant odor that they use to distinguish their lands. If one or both glands become infected or are too full, the dog “will run away”, pulling its bottom on the ground or ground in an attempt to relieve its discomfort. Your veterinarian can use external pressure to try to empty these glands. If this works, it may fill the empty bags with the catalog to prevent a recurrence. If the condition becomes chronic, surgical removal may be necessary, and Panalog can be used on-site to aid in healing.

If your dog constantly licks areas treated with Panalog over a long period, for example, more than two weeks, he can eat enough steroid content to make some problems. If he urinates more often than usual, drinks unusual amounts of water, or starts to gain weight, consult a veterinarian. You may have to subject him to the dignity of the Elizabethan collar – a solid plastic cone around his neck to prevent him from licking treated areas.