What are the daily calorie requirements for dogs?

dogs, on average, want about 30 calorie per pound of frame weight according to today to keep their modern-day weight. Small lively puppies, weighing much less than 20 lbs. can deplete to forty calories in line with a pound per day. huge dogs, over 50 lbs., can use as low as 20 calories consistent with pound consistent with day.

When it comes to your daily calorie requirements for your dog, there is a basic formula for determining ideal amounts. Although this formula provides a starting point, some other considerations must be taken before determining exactly how many calories your dog should eat. Talk to a veterinarian or dog food specialist to make sure you meet all of your dog’s nutritional needs before making any changes to his current diet.

The basic caloric formula
To determine your dog’s calorie needs, you must first know the dog’s exact body weight. Once you know its weight in kilograms, divide this number by 2.2 to determine its weight in kilograms. Next, take this number and multiply it by 30. Add 70 to this number and this is the caloric intake designed for a defective or neutral medium dog. Always remember that total calories include rewards.

Considerations that affect calories
This basic formula is designed for medium, rotting or neutral dogs that receive light exercise on a daily basis. Unmodified dogs require a little more calories, like very active dogs. Obese dogs will need fewer calories to reach an ideal and healthy weight. Puppies require additional calories for growth. Some medical conditions, such as thyroid disease, also affect caloric needs and require veterinary advice.

How many calories should I feed to my dog for weight loss?
Here’s another way: 3500 calories = one pound of weight. If your goal is for your dog to lose pounds every two weeks (suitable for a dog that must weigh 50 pounds), you should cut calories by 3,500 per two weeks, or 250 calories a day.