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The Ukrainian Levkoy (Ukrainian: Український левкой) is a cat breed of awesome appearance, having inward folding ears and little to no hair. those cats are of medium length with a longish frame, appearing each muscular and narrow. they have tender, elastic pores, and skin; an excess of which leads to a wrinkled appearance. The breed is not identified through any most important, global cat fancier and breeder organizations, handiest Ukrainian and Russian golf equipment.

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The Levkoy’s unusual functions are the unique angular contour of its head and “stepped” profile (dog-face appearance), folded ears and massive, however now not huge almond-fashioned eyes. The cats express sexual dimorphism.


The Ukrainian Levkoy is a current guy-made breed (2000–2011), at the beginning, developed through Elena Biriukova in Ukraine. Created by crossing or by way of outbreeding hairless Donskoy girls with Scottish Fold metis males, the Ukrainian Levkoy has an awesome and unique look. two spontaneous mutations of dominant FD genes of cats with folded ears (that regarded in an easy domestic cat in Scotland) have been used, in addition to a spontaneous herbal dominant mutation of hairlessness or baldness of the home cat gene BD in Russia.

each had regarded inside the ultimate century in Scotland and in Russia. Oriental and home cats have been extensively utilized in mating to gain the required man or woman traits of the Ukrainian Levkoy. The breed becomes diagnosed in 2005 in Ukraine by using ICFA RUI (Rolandus Union international). It becomes identified in Russia in 2010 by using ICFA WCA. within Ukraine, starting in September 2010, it turned into deemed that Ukrainian Levkoys can be awarded the title of “Champion” and that they’ll participate in “The satisfactory in show” opposition. in recent times there are 10 Ukrainian Levkoys who are given those titles. In Russia, the first titles of “Champion” and “The excellent in display” had been given in 2011. the opposite organizations are mating this new breed of Ukrainian Levkoy as an experimental breed without the “Champion” name at cats exhibitions.

Personality Cat

Ukrainian Levkoys are friendly, playful, and shrewd cats. Levkoys are very sociable, taking part in human or own family corporation as well as the employer of other home pets (e.g., puppies, rats, pigs). Unclothed Ukrainian Levkoys do no longer need brushing however do need special pores and skincare to offer safety in opposition to direct sun and especially bloodless conditions.


From the pinnacle view, the top of a Ukrainian Levkoy resembles a softly mentioned pentagon that is a little longer than it’s miles wide, where the muzzle period is handiest 1/3 the duration of the top. The brow is as a substitute low and the cranium is long and flat. distinguished cheekbones and eyebrows shape angular outlines of the pinnacle. The profile of the cat head is “stepped” of two ranges. The top lines of the nostril bridge and of the pinnacle are nearly parallel. The whiskers are curly, maybe shortly snapped, after which the neck is of the medium period, muscular, and barely arches from the shoulder to the bottom of the skull.

Its body is medium to lengthy, muscular, and slender. The backline barely arched with an extensive, oval chest. Its legs are rather lengthy with long mobile ft. The ears are big and set high and huge apart. 1/2 to 1/three of every ear is roundly folded ahead and down, without touching the pinnacle.

Defects and disqualification Cat

Gene FD is clear within the organism of the cat in homozygous, each dad and mom might also function provocation of bones infection such as arthritis or the other bones’ mistakes.

Disqualification effects because of defects of the born structures, or crossed eyes. different disqualify according to with the show regulations. for instance, too short or round of a head, spherical eyes, brief “cobby” frame, weak chin, or demanding conduct.


Health Ukrainian Levkoy Cat they do not have any problems, they have very strong immunity.
The only drawback is that because of too high appetite, They eat a lot, and from these stomach problems. With a balanced diet for your pet faces no health problems.

Ukrainian Levkoy Cat Photos HD

The Ukrainian Levkoy is a breed of cat with a distinct appearance, with ears foldable inward and little or no hair. These cats are medium in size and have a slender body, both muscular and slim Ukrainian Levkoy is found in Colors‎: grey, black, white, brown.

The price of the Ukrainian Wallflowers may be different. You can buy a kitten for 1500$, and it is possible (if very lucky) and for $800. Of course, those who are grown in special nurseries and have excellent pedigree are much more expensive.