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The Turkish Angora (Turkish: Ankara kedisi, ‘Ankara cat’) is a breed of a home cat. Turkish Angoras are one of the historical, natural breeds of cat, having originated in vital Turkey, within the Ankara vicinity. The breed has been documented as early because of the 17th century and is assumed to be the foundation of the mutations for each the shade white and lengthy hair. The breed is likewise occasionally called truly the Angora or Ankara cat.

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Like all domestic cats, Turkish Angoras descended from the African wildcat (Felis silvestris lybica). The Fertile Crescent was a place where cats were first domesticated. Cats from eastern mountainous regions of Anatolia developed into longhaired breeds like the Turkish Van and the Turkish Angora through inbreeding and natural selection.

Longhaired cats were imported to Britain and France from Asia Minor, Persia and Russia as early because of the past due sixteenth century, although there are indicators that they regarded in Europe as early because of the 14th century because of the Crusades. The Turkish Angora became used, nearly to the factor of extinction, to enhance the coat at the Persian. The Turkish Angora become recognized as an awesome breed in Europe by the 17th century. Charles Catton in his 1788 ebook Animals Drawn from Nature and Engraved in Aqua-tinta, gave “Persian cat” and “Angora cat” as opportunity names for the identical breed.

Angoras and Persians appear linked. The Persian cat turned into advanced from Turkish angora mutations through British and American cat fanciers. although some cat institutions suppose the Persian cat is a natural breed, inside the nineteenth century Persians and Angoras were identical. In 1903, F. Simpson wrote in her ebook The ebook of the Cat: “In classing all lengthy-haired cats as Persians I can be incorrect, but the distinctions, reputedly with rarely any difference, among Angoras and Persians are of so exceptional a nature that I should be pardoned if I ignore the class of cat commonly known as Angora, which seems steadily to have disappeared from our midst. clearly, at our big shows, there is no special type given for Angoras, and in response to many inquiries from animal fanciers I have never been capable of acquiring any definite information as to the distinction between a Persian and an Angora cat.”
The Angora of the 20 century was used for improvement within the Persian coat, however, the kind has usually been divergent from the Persian – especially as the increasingly flat-faced show cat Persian has been advanced in the previous few many years.

in the early twentieth century, Ankara Zoo commenced breeding software to shield and preserve natural white Angora cats. The zoo mainly prized ordinary-eyed specimens (i.e., with one blue and one amber eye); however, the cats had been selected handiest with the aid of their shade (white)—no other criterion was used. regardless of the lack of selective breeding and no attention given for the deafness hassle, Ankara Zoo cats have a completely comparable kind.

The Turkish Angora, which turned into added to Canada in 1963, turned into frequent as a championship pedigreed breed in 1973 by using the Cat Fanciers’ association. however, until 1978 best white Angoras have been recognized. nowadays, all North American registries are given the Turkish Angora in many colors and patterns. whilst numbers are nevertheless exceedingly small, the gene pool and base of fanciers are developing.

“Breeders in Turkey feel that the cat fancy’s best-boned version in their countrywide breed is unrepresentative of the true Turkish cats, which can be much sturdier. American “Turkish” Angoras may also have handiest a minimum remnant of the unique Ankara Zoo DNA and are most effective “purebred on paper”.

Appearance Cat

Turkish Angora cats have lengthy, silky coats and stylish, sinuous bodies. A more youthful Turkish Angora can regularly be mistaken for a snow weasel. though it’s miles recognized for a shimmery white coat and posh tail, Turkish Angora cats can show a spread of colors. they arrive in tabby and tabby-white, at the side of black with an undercoat of chocolate brown, and ultimately smoke varieties, and are in every color other than those who indicate crossbreeding, including pointed, chocolate and lavender.

Eyes may be blue, inexperienced, amber, yellow, or heterochromatic (e.g., one blue and one amber or inexperienced). Ears are pointed, huge and extensive-set. The eyes are almond formed and the profile bureaucracy two instantly planes. The plumed tail is regularly carried upright, perpendicular to the returned.

Behavior Cat

Turkish Angora cats are playful, shrewd, athletic and involved. they have an uncanny likeness to the snow weasel. They bond with humans but frequently choose a specific member of the family to be their regular partner. they may be in flip, very protecting in their man or woman. They are seeking to be “useful” in any manner they can with their humans, and their intelligence is at instances awesome, displaying fundamental hassle fixing competencies. they’re effortlessly skilled, such as deaf Turkish Angoras, both because of their intelligence and their preference to interact with humans.

Turkish angoras are energetic, and often are looking for out “excessive floor” (or perch) inside the home. This perch is then used as a manner to have a look at the activity of the home. this will encompass tops of doors, bookshelves, and different furniture. a few journeys on their proprietors’ shoulders. Their personality makes the breed perfect for positive human beings. They get alongside well in homes with other animals, children, and excessive pastime.


The W gene accountable for the white coat and blue eye is intently related to the listening to capability, on this and other breeds, and presence of a blue eye can imply the cat is deaf to the side the blue eye is located, with some being completely deaf if bearing blue eyes. however, a fantastic many blue and extraordinary-eyed white cats have a regular hearing, or even deaf cats lead a regular lifestyle if stored indoors.
some Turkish Angora kittens are afflicted by hereditary ataxia, a rare situation thought to be inherited as an autosomal recessive. The kittens suffering from ataxia have shaking actions and do now not live on to adulthood.

some other genetic illness this is rare however acknowledged to the breed is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, that’s a cardiac circumstance typically determined among the while of 2 – 6, with adult males being affected extra typically and more severely than ladies. within the Maine Coon, HCM is a notion to be an autosomal dominant gene and researchers are operating to pick out markers for this disease. but, within the Turkish Angora, the ailment has now not yet been studied at period usually due to its rarity of prevalence and is probably to end result from an exceptional mutation of genes, with a specific gene vicinity than that of the Maine Coon cat. HCM additionally affects many different breeds, consisting of Ragdolls, Persians, and Bengals.

Genetics Cat

A genetic study of pedigree cat breeds (using DNA taken from pedigreed cats in the US and Europe) and international random-bred populations confirmed the Turkish Van as a wonderful populace from the Turkish Angora in spite of their geographical affiliation. The Turkish Angora became grouped with the pedigreed Egyptian Mau and random-bred Tunisian cats. Turkish random-bred cats were grouped with Israeli random-bred cats even as the Turkish Van became grouped with Egyptian random-bred cats. however, the UC Davis handiest studied American cat fancy registered Angoras in place of the “actual” Turkish Angora or Ankara Kedisi directly from Turkey, and in particular from the Ankara Zoo.

A genetic take a look at posted in 2012 covered some cats imported from Turkey. The look at found that ″Turkish- as opposed to USA-originating Turkish Angoras (…) are resolved as separate breed populations the American Turkish Angoras are classified as descendants of European random-bred cats and cats imported from Turkey ″have been assigned to the Japanese Mediterranean″ institution.


The Turkish Angora is small to the medium-size cat, weighing 5 to 9 pounds.
A great male cat: 12 lbs.
A large female cat: 8-12 lbs.

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Turkish Angoras are maximum normally thought of as white, however, they arrive in many colors and styles, including black, blue, pink, cream, Red, tortoiseshell, and traditional, mackerel and spotted tabbies of many colors. An Angora in complete iciness coat has a mane, britches at the hind legs, and a fully plumed tail.

How plenty Does a Turkish Angora price? It charges around $seventy five-$one hundred fifty to adopt a Turkish Angora. Conversely, it could be prohibitively highly-priced to shop for a Turkish Angora from a breeder — they may be normally somewhere within the $500-$2,000 variety.