Treatments for itchy dog’s ears

If your dog is digging in its ears and rubbing its head, suspect itchy ears. Yeast infections, bacterial infections, allergies, or ear mites may cause irritation. According to doctor Hanen Abdel Rahman Redness and discharge are symptoms of an ear infection. If your dog has a severe infection, he will need the help of a veterinarian. For other reasons, there are many home remedies for itchy ears that may help.

  • Spray a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar in the affected area. Vinegar acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to relieve the dog’s pain and discomfort. Witch hazel is another effective natural astringent that can be used to clean a dog’s ear.
  • Apply five or six drops of mullein oil with garlic oil daily for 10 days. This natural remedy kills viruses, relieves pain and reduces swelling.
  • Massage equal parts of Bo Dark and mineral oils in the ear two to three times a day for several days. Pau d’arco is a herbal antibiotic that kills the fungi and bacteria that cause infection.
  • Apply a warm compress to the ear several times a day. The pressure relieves pain and inflammation caused by an ear infection.
  • Pluck out all hair that grows in the ear canal. Hair hinders airflow to the ear, making the duct dry and prone to infection.
  • Giving vitamin C regularly to your dog will ensure good ear health and prevent ear infections in the future. Vitamin C not only boosts the immune system but also increases the adrenal gland’s secretion, which helps to fight ear infections

Moisten the cotton balls with a warm solution of equal amounts of alcohol and vinegar. Carefully clean all debris and dried blood from the outer ear. Do not let the solution enter the ear canal. The Healthy Pets website guides you to keep your dog’s ears dry. Vinegar in the solution cleans the ears and dries alcohol. Alcohol will also soften wax in the ear.