Theophylline Side Effects in Dog

Although the FDA has not agreed to use it in canines, the veterinarian may prescribe theophylline to your pup “off-label” to treat a respiratory disorder or help relieve symptoms of heart failure. Unfortunately, this drug is not without side effects.

Possible side effects:
Insomnia or stress caused by caffeine.
Mild stomach upset, tachycardia with an irregular heartbeat (not all patients in dogs)
The diuretic effect in some patients (increased thirst and urination)
Seizures and heart rhythm problems can occur with acute poisoning.

Theophylline side effects
Theophylline is a bronchodilator, which a veterinarian might also prescribe on your pooch to help relax her airlines. at the same time as the drug may also assist her to breathe easier, it is able to motive her to grow to be fearful and restless, increase her coronary heart price or reason an unusual heart rhythm, warns Your pup also can also consume, drink and urinate extra regularly than typical or revel in a few bellies dissatisfied. signs and symptoms consisting of restlessness and belly disillusioned can also subside after round weeks, as your doggy’s body adjusts to the drug. visit your vet approximately any facet effects you notice once you start the medication.

Drug Interactions and Cautions
Theophylline can worsen stomach ulcers and a few heart conditions in canine. due to the manner that theophylline is metabolized, dogs with liver or kidney disease need careful monitoring with the aid of your vet whilst in this drug. Theophylline reduces the effectiveness of beta-blockers. it may worsen seizures in dogs at risk of having them. drugs which include enrofloxacin, cimetidine, clindamycin, lincomycin, allopurinol, and erythromycin can increase the probably dangerous side consequences of theophylline. consult with your vet if your pooch is on any medications or is nursing puppies earlier than administering theophylline to decide if it is secure for her or her younger.

Is theophylline safe for a dog?
The medication is safe to be used in dogs and cats. The suggested dosage of theophylline for dogs is 4.5 to 6.8mg per pound by mouth every 12 hours and for cats 2mg/lbs in every 8-12 hours. … Also, when giving long active tablets, the medicine must be swallowed whole and must not be crushed or broken for convenience.

Can theophylline cause seizures in a dog?
Theophylline is suitable for use on cats and dogs when given under the direction of a veterinarian. However, the patient can still experience the side effects of this drug. … Less common but more severe side effects include heart rhythm and abnormal seizures.