The Use of Albendazole in Dogs

Albendazole in Dogs has been used to treat capillariasis as a result of Capillaria plica (puppies and cats) and C. felis cati (cats). Capillaria infect the urinary bladder, for that reason they’re often known as bladder worms. In puppies, albendazole has also been used to treat Filaroides infections and Giardia infections.

Albendazole is part of the own family benzimidazole, the type of remedy most commonly used to treat parasitic worms in home animals. In puppies, this medicinal drug additionally has to be used for sure sorts of contamination, but there may be some controversy about whether this type of remedy is secure. seek advice from your veterinarian if you think your dog would possibly have parasitic contamination.

conditions Albendazole Can treat
Albendazole is typically used to deal with serious parasitic infections in puppies. Paragonimus kallicott, a type of fluke which could motive cysts in your dog’s lungs, is one potential candidate for albendazole remedy. Bladder worms, Capillaria plica, as well as Filaroides and Giardia infections can also respond nicely to this type of remedy. there is some difficulty, but, that albendazole might also suppress bone marrow production, leading many vets to be cautious about prescribing it.

management of Albendazole
Your veterinarian might also recommend albendazole on your canine in a number of specific forms, consisting of oral suspensions, pills, or a transdermal shot. lamentably, albendazole approaches quick in dogs, leaving their machine in much less than 12 hours. this means higher doses are often important to be effective, which may also grow the hazard of facet effects. it is essential to apply the kind and dosage of albendazole recommended by means of your veterinarian when you consider that overdose can be poisonous.

potential side results
The most critical capacity facet impact of this remedy is damage to the bone marrow, which could reduce quickly the wide variety of to be had white and purple blood cells. once your canine stops taking albendazole, the bone marrow will regenerate, however, it can motive troubles at some point in the direction of the remedy. in case your dog is stricken by diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, or convulsions, it can imply an overdose of albendazole. consult your veterinarian straight away.

Who have to now not Use Albendazole
when you consider that albendazole is processed largely by way of the liver, it ought to not be used in dogs who have any kind of liver situation. It should not be used in pregnant animals, due to the fact that it can purpose low beginning weight or cleft palates inside the puppies. Immunocompromised animals need to avoid albendazole, as it may decrease the number of white blood cells. due to the hazard of toxicity, you should never deliver your dog albendazole without the approval and supervision of a veterinarian.