The reasons for cats follow you to the bathroom?

During your “beauty routine”, your cat loves to follow you to the bathroom and takes the opportunity to notice. But for what reason? He does this because you are fascinated by and tries to understand you! Your cat loves routine, and nothing pleases him more than sharing your cat.

cats in the bathroom

Cats can be a real creep. One of their common scary behavior is to follow their companions in the bathroom. Why do cats do this?

It turns out that some cats are big fans of following their owners everywhere. The reasons why you follow a bathroom may be similar to the reasons you generally follow. Although veterinarians and scientists have not reached any final conclusion, they do have many theories that may explain why your cat is keen to follow you to the bathroom.

Doctor Hanen Abdel Rahman writes that cats may feel vulnerable without you. Cats are predators, but they are also prey, and they are aware of that. Since you are a source of safety and comfort, they might feel less safe when you’re behind closed doors and prefer to accompany you to the bathroom, where they may continue to take advantage of the safety you provide.

Doctor Hanen Abdel Rahman also posits that curiosity plays a role in a cat’s bathroom-following habits (like it does with many cat behaviors). Cats are visual hunters and like to use their vision to keep track of where things are. Dr. Hanen Abdel Rahman points out that when you close the door to the bathroom, you are doing something mysterious behind it, and your cat may feel compelled to get to the bottom of this.

You’re a captive audience.
Cats learn quickly that when a human is seated in the bathroom, they can’t go anywhere. Plus, most bathrooms have a counter conveniently located at the cat-petting level. This is a great setup for cats, as you have to pet them on their terms, and you cannot leave.

Cats like you.
Many cat behaviors can be explained by the fact that they simply love you. In addition, the life of a domestic cat is somewhat quiet, and perhaps the most entertaining thing in the room most of the time. Your cat may want to follow you to the bathroom to find out the entertaining thing you do next. What if I did something really fun out there and miss him?

Cats require privacy when they have to use a litter box, but they refuse to give us the same compliment. Unfortunately, it is just one of the many insults of owning a cat.