The itchy cat And whilst it is not fleas

Fleas remain the most commonplace cause of skin ailment in cats, despite the fact that this isn’t always actual in all countries (in some areas fleas are rare), and fleas aren’t the simplest motive of pruritus (itchy pores and skin) in cats. where fleas aren’t the solution, regularly a much greater distinct and meticulous method is needed to locate the diagnosis.

In a few instances in cats, it could be very tough to distinguish between skin disorder because of pruritus and pores and skin sickness induced with the aid of other causes. as an instance, in people and dogs, hair loss is almost usually hormonal in the foundation. however, in cats, hormonal pores and skin sickness is so rare as to be honestly non-existent. Hair loss in cats is sincerely almost constantly resulting from immoderate self-grooming due to pruritus — but cats can be ‘mystery groomers’ and often we may be unaware that the cat is grooming more regularly or more aggressively.

Manifestations of tomcat pruritus
common manifestations of pruritic skin disorder in cats include:

Overt itching, scratching, and self-prompted skin damage
Symmetrical hair loss
‘Miliary’ dermatitis – this shape of skin sickness is characterized by the presence of tiny 2-3 mm diameter crusts during the body surface. The pores and skin and coat will also be greasy and have excessive dandruff
Eosinophilic granuloma complicated – see eosinophilic granuloma complex in cats – that is a spread of skin lesions (indolent ulcer that affects the higher lip, and eosinophilic plagues or eosinophilic granulomas that may affect numerous areas of the body and additionally the oral hollow space. they may be typically associated with allergic reactions. All of these manifestations of pruritus look completely unique, but can all be as a result of the same matters — in maximum times the cause is fleas but different parasites and allergies can be worried. some cats may additionally have more than one manifestation of ailment gift simultaneously eg, indolent ulcer and symmetrical hair loss.

What can motive cats to itch aside from fleas?
critical causes of pruritus aside from fleas include:

meals intolerance/allergy
Atopy (residence dust and pollen allergy)
Insect bites
Ear mites and different mites
Bacterial infections

food intolerance or hypersensitive reaction
No-one is aware of the precise mechanisms with the aid of which certain foods can make animals and human beings itch. hypersensitivity may be involved, but in some cases, it is possible that the pruritus may also result from chemical reactions to the meals or to components and preservatives.

but, it’s far properly-regarded that converting the diet to a food that cats have now not previously been exposed to can treat some cases of pruritic skin disorder. maximum of those are likely meals hypersensitive reactions but the terms ‘meals intolerance’ or ‘meals-responsive’ pores and skin sickness are on occasion used as a selected prognosis is often no longer made.

Cats may want to be fed an alternative food plan for a length of 6-eight weeks to rule out food-response dermatitis, and the selection of meals is crucial. This is not surely switching one emblem of cat meals for some other, as the elements are regularly very comparable. Your vet will endorse you on the most suitable weight-reduction plan to apply – this is probably a domestic-organized weight loss plan, or your vet may additionally advocate a unique ‘hypoallergenic’ weight loss plan for the trial period. Many cats additionally hunt or can be fed by using neighbors, that could complicate the trial as it’s far essential that no different foods are eaten during the trial length.

Atopy (atopic dermatitis; dust and pollen allergic reaction)
Atopy is not nicely characterized in cats. In people and dogs, the time period is strictly used to describe an inherited predisposition to broaden allergic reactions to environmental allergens (such as pollen and residence dirt). allergic reactions to pollen and house dust arise in cats and can be a potential motive of pruritus, however, they are hard to diagnose and it’s far unknown whether or not there may be an inherited component to the disorder.

In most cats, atopy is identified by ruling out other ability causes of pruritus, such as fleas and different parasites, and meals. hypersensitivity checking out can be finished on cats (for example intra-derma pores and skin exams) but the effects are as an alternative unreliable. Blood tests also are presented by means of some laboratories to ‘diagnose’ atopy and the underlying cause of the hypersensitive reaction, but those are much less dependable than skin assessments, and each false tremendous and false-negative tests are properly known.

Atopy is incurable and existence-long medicine is wanted to prevent unacceptable pain. remedy with important fatty acids and anti-histamines is a hit in most effective a minority of cases. Many cats need long-time period corticosteroids or different immunosuppressive tablets including cyclosporin. If an allergic reaction test has correctly diagnosed the offending allergen, then it is feasible to use a ‘hyposensitization vaccine’ as a therapy – those hardly ever solve the disorder but in some cases reduce the want for drugs therapy.

Insect bites
bugs such as wasps and bees can cause stings that lead to dramatic, painful and swollen pores and skin. however, some different bugs which include fleas, midges, flies, and mosquitoes may chew and the reaction to the chew (or the insect saliva) might also cause excessive inflammation and pruritus. Flying insects commonly chew especially hairless areas consisting of the bridge of the nostril and ears. drastically, mosquitoes have been said to purpose an eosinophilic granuloma-like response on the bridge of the nose of a few cats (mosquito-chunk allergic reaction).

Ear mites – Otodectes cynotis
Ear mites are nicely-known
as the predominant cause of otitis externa (ear infection) in younger cats and inbreeding colonies – see common ear troubles in cats. but, it is also possible for the mites to wander onto the skin around the head and neck and motive pruritic skin disorder at those websites. As cats sleep curled up, the spread of contamination (and next dermatitis) to the rump and tail may additionally occur.

other mites
Harvest mites are a recognized purpose of pores and skin disorders in cats in some areas in overdue summer and autumn – see harvest mite infection in cats. these tiny orange dot sized mites are visible to the bare eye and generally determined between the toes and in Henry’s pocket of the ear flap.

In some parts of the arena, the mites Noedres cat and Sarcoptes scabiei may be observed on cats and can be a reason for extreme pruritus.

Bacterial pores and skin infections (pyoderma) and fungal (yeast) infections
even though bacterial pores and skin disorder in cats are unusual, it can occur and there are occasional instances of superb recuperation following antibiotic treatment in pruritic cats. this is unusual, but greater paintings are needed in this place.

Dermatophytosis (contamination with a dermatophyte fungal organism) isn’t usually pruritic, but skin infection with yeasts (Malassezia) may be a hassle in a few cats – that is frequently secondary to allergic skin disease, however, the yeasts can also make contributions to the pruritus.