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The Thai Cat or Wichien Maat which means ‘diamond gold’) is a newly renamed but antique cat breed, related to but distinct from the Western, current Siamese cat. This natural breed is descended from the cats of Thailand, and, amongst diverse corporations of breeders in distinctive times and locations has also been referred to as the antique-style Siamese, traditional Siamese, conventional Siamese; Wichien Maat (anglicised from the Thai name); and the Applehead, a nickname that originated in the Nineteen Fifties as a pejorative utilized by breeders of the contemporary-fashion Siamese. in step with The global Cat association: “The Thai is the breed committed to retaining the native pointed cat of Thailand in as near its unique shape as viable.”

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peak: 21-23 inches
Weight: eight-15 lb
Lifespan: 12-sixteen years
physique: Medium-sized, swish
satisfactory desirable For skilled cat parents, families which can give their cats masses of interest, households with children and different pets
Temperament: Social, loving, talkative, attention looking for
comparable Breeds: Siamese, Birman


Cats that were imported from Siam (today, Thailand) to Western international locations inside the nineteenth and early 20th century were extra moderate in conformation than the modern Western Siamese. at the same time as the Thai has common ancestry with the Western Siamese, separate breeding, beginning after world war II, brought about the development of two distinct breeds, with more excessive capabilities dominating the cat show circuit and turning into the dominant form of Siamese within the West. beginning within the Nineteen Eighties, various breed golf equipment in each North the USA and Europe appeared that were committed to preserving the sort that represents the early twentieth-century Siamese and nevertheless found in Thailand. the arena Cat Federation (WCF) recognized the old style as a separate breed, Thai, with complete championship aggressive fame, in 1990.

within the united kingdom and in North America, the cats persisted to be registered as Siamese. In 1999, in North America, the impartial club PREOSSIA coined the name vintage-style Siamese to refer especially to the moderate, old-style type of registered Siamese. In 2000, the antique-style Siamese membership, or OSSC, shaped in the united kingdom and followed the equal name for the antique kind of Siamese.

native pointed cats had been imported directly from Thailand, beginning in 2001, to refresh the gene pool of the Western, pedigreed Thai breeding programs and make sure that the traits of the indigenous Southeast Asian cats are preserved and distinct in those bloodlines.

beginning in 2007, participants of PREOSSIA commenced the brand new breed software method inside the worldwide Cat Association (TICA). It turned into essential to request separate breed fame from the Siamese that allows you to permit the vintage-fashion Siamese to be bred and shown the use of distinct registration regulations and a unique breed well-known. however, TICA refused to allow the call old-style Siamese for the “new” breed, and breeders determined to observe the example of the Europeans and use the call, Thai. In January 2010, the Thai changed into granted Championship popularity in TICA, permitting it to compete for pinnacle honors alongside the opposite breeds of pedigreed cats. even though by way of this time, the Thai had been identified through WCF for twenty years, one most important European registry nonetheless had no longer diagnosed the breed. At last, in 2015, Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) normal the Thai in its “initial recognized Breeds” class.

lengthy earlier than its re-branding because the Thai, the vintage type of Siamese changed into a part of the muse inventory of a selection of new 20th century breeds, which include the Himalayan, Ocicat, and Havana Brown. near the cease of the 20th century, modern-day Siamese has been used extra regularly for this motive, as within the case of the Cornish Rex and Peterbald.

Description Cat

As breeds, the Thai and the contemporary Siamese percentage not unusual ancestry, the point coloration gene, and the outgoing, people-loving, vocal persona made famous in the West by the early 20th century imports. They differ best in “type,” which means the conformation of frame and head.

The number one features of the Thai are that its miles a “pointed” cat (blue eyes, dark extremities, pale frame) of overseas frame kind (extra elongated than the average Western home cat, however tremendously less so than the modern Siamese or Oriental); has a changed wedge-formed head; a long flat forehead; a nose without an extra than a moderate concave curve at eye stage; has a brief, flat-mendacity single coat; does no longer carry the longhair gene, and it commonly has a registered pedigree courting returned to the overdue 19th century Siamese, and not using a Western home shorthair ancestors. In TICA, unregistered cats with import documentation proving starting place in Thailand are also accredited to sign in as Thais—and Thailand imports have all the equal breeding and display privileges that Western bred Thais have. so that it will permit British Thai breeders (remoted by means of nevertheless restrictive British rabies quarantine legal guidelines) to paintings with GCCF old-style Siamese, TICA additionally lets in outcrossing to registered Siamese of a slight kind. In WCF and FIFe, natural, unregistered cats born in Thailand are not allowed to sign in as Thais or be used as outcrosses. Outcrossing to Siamese is likewise prohibited. however, whilst the Thai breed was new to WCF, there was a transient length all through which unregistered pointed European cats were allowed to check in as Thais and outcrossing to other Western breeds became allowed.
whilst the muse and concept of the Thai vary quite from one us of an’s registry to the next, all outline the Thai as a breed that preserves the traits of early Western Siamese. TICA uniquely defines the Thai as keeping the native, naturally pointed cats of Thailand as well as the earliest Western Siamese. The purpose of Thai breeders is usually to preserve the vintage appearance, offer masses of genetic diversity for a healthy destiny, and guarantee the authenticity and character of the antique kind of Siamese.

Background Cat

In Thailand, the ancestor of this stylish cat is called the wichienmaat which means ‘diamond gold’. The wichienmaat, together with other cats, became named, defined and illustrated centuries in the past in the “Tamra Maew” ebook of cat poems. overtime, the wichienmaat has stayed real to its unique breeding, which continues to be visible today in Thailand where it stays a famous cat.

starting inside the overdue 1800s, the wichienmaat turned into first imported to the West via British cat breeders, and the cats have become known as “Siamese,” after the call of the ruling dynasty at the time in Siam (nowadays Thailand). Cat fanciers were impressed with the swish, “marten-confronted” cats so very unique from the cobby, rounder local breeds and longhairs. Western breeders wanted to emphasize and augment the qualities that made the cats so exclusive and via selective breeding, they evolved an increasingly elongated, angular, finer-boned sort of Siamese. This “contemporary” or “show-fashion” sort of Siamese ruled inside the show halls by the latter half of the 20 century. As the new appearance became usual, a few breeders in England, Europe, and North The united states determined to a dollar the trend and instead keep the look of the vintage form of the Siamese. these breeders tend to work with an expansion of different registries, however, they have got long exchanged breeding stock with every other, and that they still do. while some call their cats vintage-fashion Siamese, others call them Thais. they’re the equal fundamental cat.

Thai Cat health

This may be prone to growing cross-eyes and kinked tails, however, those are simply bodily troubles that have no effect on their durability. in any other case, the breed is evidently wholesome.

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The 4 basic colorings of the Thai cats are seal, blue, chocolate and lilac, plus the colors pink and cream. The extremities (“points”) have to be uniformly colored. they are usually darker than the relaxation of the base coat which essentially is colored white with a glimmer of the corresponding point color.

Thai cat price 4 basic colorings of the Thai cats are seal, blue, chocolate and lilac, plus the colors pink and cream, price of the Thai kitten is very influenced by its color, depending on which its cost varies from $300 to $800 the USA.