Service Dog Requirements in California

California law requires maximum public locations to confess service puppies and psychiatric service dogs however not emotional help animals. California regulation allows individuals with disabilities to bring trained service puppies and psychiatric provider dogs, however no longer emotional help animals, to all public places.

The Americans with Disabilities Act does not require a special definition of pets, but California requires all dogs accompanying its owner as pets to obtain a dog license and vaccinations against rabies. California business owners may only ask you if your dog is a service animal and what special duties a dog performs.

California state registration requirements
When you have your dog for 30 days, you can register it as a service animal in California. Start getting a letter from your doctor. The letter should state that you have a disability – the doctor does not need to explain any species – and that you need the services of an auxiliary animal. Bring this letter, prove your dog has rabies and perform sterilization or a neutral procedure. You will need to show a photo ID and a written statement confirming that your dog has received training to help you. You do not need a training certificate.

Bring a note from your doctor
Various websites provide identification tags and documents if you are going to send a picture of your dog and payment. Obtaining a certificate does not guarantee that your dog’s animal will not be questioned. The only documents that demonstrate that a dog meets national and California service requirements for a service animal are a doctor’s letter stating that you need a service animal. As with the letter for California certification, the letter does not need to mention your specific disability.

Can you request a California service dog proof?
A public place cannot ask a person to “prove” that their dog is a service dog. The service dog is not required to be registered, accredited or identified as a service dog.

What qualifies a California service dog?
A service dog is a dog trained to perform a disability task for a person with a medical, physical, psychological, or mental disability. Miniature horses are also recognized as a “service animal” in California as long as they are used for a disability task.