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The Serengeti is a breed of home cat, first evolved via crossing a Bengal (home and wild hybrid) and an Oriental Shorthair. identified and registered by The global Cat affiliation (TICA), no different first-generation crosses can be registered as Serengeti. From the Bengal × Oriental move got here the first foundation Serengeti. Breeders then labored with the cat to provide a cat that resembles the breed profile set by TICA. Created by Karen Sausman of Kingsmark Cattery in California in 1994, the breed remains inside the improvement degrees, however, the remaining aim is to provide a cat that looks much like a serval, without the use of any latest wild cat blood.

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(Bengal cats originate from hybridization of leopard cats and home cats. most Bengal cats used in Serengeti breeding packages are many generations eliminated from those origins and own few genetic contributions of the wild forebears besides alleles affecting coat color.) Serengetis are spotted cats, with long legs and really big, round-tipped ears. they have got a long neck which blends with the bottom of the skull without tapering. men are commonly slightly larger and heavier than girls and can weigh between 10 and 15 lbs; females generally weigh among 8 and 12 lbs.

they are diagnosed by using TICA in tabby, ebony silver, ebony smoke, and solid black. a collection of breeders inside the united kingdom is presently running in the direction of getting TICA to additionally recognize the snow noticed (a.k.a. lynx factor) range.

The tabby is called the brown-spotted in the united kingdom. but spots may be black or darkish brown on a tan, light beige or gold historical past. The silver has black spots on a silver history. Ghost recognizing can every so often be seen on the stable black version.

top: 8-10 inches
Weight: eight-15 lb
Lifespan: 10 years
physique: Medium construct, long legs
fine proper For Any cat-loving circle of relatives, including people with children and different pets
Temperament: pleasant, social, playful, talkative
comparable Breeds: Bengal, Savannah


the first Serengeti cat turned into bred through Karen Sausman, who owns the Kingsmark Cattery in California. This conservation biologist desired to create a brand new home cat breed that would appear just like the appropriate African Serval, which is a wild cat.

even though this breed is much like the Savannah breed, it has no wild Serval blood in its lineage. rather, those cats had been developed by way of crossing Oriental Shorthairs with Bengals, giving them a wild appearance without the wild inclinations.


The Serengeti is a medium boned kitty who is additionally a terrific jumper, capable of soar as much as 7 feet into the air. This talent is viable thanks to its lengthy legs, which might be the longest of any domesticated cat breed.

similarly to this breed’s long legs, these cats additionally have big ears that make the relaxation of the top seem pretty small. The ears are rounded on the tip and sit down upright, so those kitties continually appear as they may be on excessive alert.

The formidable spotted sample of the coat of the Serengeti is likewise a distinct characteristic that makes it seem quite amazing and wild. And because the shafts of the fur are translucent, these cats nearly appear to shimmer from a distance.


The common lifestyle expectancy of a Serengeti is between 8 and 12 years when properly cared for and fed the proper, top excellent weight loss plan to healthy they’re a long time.

The Serengeti is a concept to be a wholesome breed and one which to this point does no longer appears to suffer from any hereditary or congenital fitness disorders that frequently have an effect on different breeds. however, it is really worth noting the breed continues to be in its infancy, however with cautious and selective breeding, these captivating cats must continue to be wholesome. With this said, breeders should have stud cats examined for the subsequent situation: Gangliosidosis – Breeders need to have stud cats DNA examined

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The coat on a Serengeti kitty has a wonderful silky texture because it’s far short and tight. In terms of colors, these cats are commonly golden or yellow with a pattern that capabilities extensively spaced, awesome black spots like the ones of a leopard. however, you could also locate those cats in solid black, as well as grey with black spots or white silver with black spots.

Serengeti Cat’s average fee for the kitten is $800-$1500. before shopping for the cat, it’s far advocated to locate the honest breeder who can be capable of coming up with a guarantee that the pet you’re going to buy is wholesome and pinnacle pleasant.