Russian Blue Cats & Allergies

The Russian Blue cat breed is known a long way and extensive for its splendor. … in addition, they produce less of the Fel d 1 protein, making them, in particular, appropriate for people with cat allergies. Russian Blues are surprisingly intelligent and frequently shape splendid sturdy bonds with their proprietors, and they may observe them everywhere – even out to sea!

in case you love cats, however, tom cats motive sneezing and watery eyes, do not melancholy. it is feasible that positive breeds of cats might not reason this sort of robust reaction. while there is no such factor as a without a doubt hypoallergenic cat, a few breeds have decrease tiers of dander and less of a protein in their saliva that triggers the allergy. The Russian blue is any such, and he’s a great-searching solid gray cat, to boot.

Russian Blue Cats
along with his plush “blue” grey coat and brilliant inexperienced eyes, the Russian blue is a striking feline. even as he is just medium-sized at maturity, his body is muscular and fashionable. he’s a friendly, rather quiet cat, who may be shy with strangers. he’s additionally a very smooth cat, so empty the litter container as frequently as feasible. One caveat: in case you find a “Russian blue” advertised at a safe haven, it is in all likelihood only a handsome, stable gray cat. That feline might look like a Russian blue, however, he probably lacks the elements making him distinctly hypoallergenic. locate your Russian blue via a good breeder.

Cat hypersensitive reaction Triggers
Fel d 1, a protein in cat saliva, is one commonplace trigger for people allergic to cats. take into account that cats continuously lick themselves to live smooth. The Russian blue’s saliva contains less of this protein than the common cat. Of path, the Russian blue still produces dander, urine, and excretions from the sebaceous glands, all of which could reason hypersensitive reactions. but, it seems that Fel d 1 content material in the saliva is the strongest predictor of allergic reactions.

retaining Allergens Down
There are ways to limit your allergies if a Russian blue shares your house. First, keep him out of the bedroom — all of the time, now not just when you’re in there. Vacuum your home several instances per week, the usage of an excessive-efficiency particulate air filter out. You also can set up electronic air cleaners in rooms you share with the cat. hose down your cat down with a warm washcloth at the least two times weekly to reduce allergens. recollect consulting your health practitioner concerning immunotherapy injections, that may lessen your sensitivity to pussycat allergens.

different capacity Breeds
earlier than bringing a Russian blue home, spend time with the animal to make sure you’re no longer allergic to him. If a Russian blue does purpose a reaction, or you need to recollect every other breed, you have got selections. different cats with low Fel d 1 tiers consist of the thick-coated Siberian and the longer-haired Siamese relative, the Balinese. Cats who do not shed an awful lot and convey little dander include the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex. The sphynx, a hairless breed, is another opportunity.