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The Russian Blue is a cat breed that is available in hues varying from light shimmering silver to a darker, slate grey. Their brief, dense coat has been the hallmark of the Russian breed for extra than a century. The dense coat sticks out from the body.

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Origin Cat

The Russian Blue is a clearly occurring breed that could have originated within the port of Arkhangelsk in Russia. they may be added every so often known as Archangel Blues. it’s far believed that sailors took Russian Blues from the Archangel Isles to extraordinary Britain and northern Europe within the 1860s. the primary recorded look out of doors of Russia changed into in 1875 at the Crystal Palace in England because of the Archangel Cat. The Russian Blue competed in a category consisting of all other blue cats till 1912, whilst it turned into given its very own elegance. The breed became developed particularly in England and Scandinavia till after world warfare II.

right after the war, a lack of numbers of Russian Blues brought about pass breeding with the Siamese. despite the fact that Russian Blues had been within America before the battle, it was no longer until the post-war length that American breeders created the current Russian Blue that is seen within America these days. American breeders mixed the bloodlines of each the Scandinavian and British Russian Blues. The Siamese tendencies have now in large part been bred out. the short hair and slate-gray/blue color are frequently seen in combined-breed cats, which could affect breeders and showers because of mislabeling a cat as a Russian Blue.

Russian Blues are plush short-haired, shimmering light blue-grey cats with emerald inexperienced eyes. shield hairs are relatively silver-tipped giving the cat a silvery sheen or lustrous appearance. They were used on a confined basis to create different breeds which include the Havana Brown or regulate present breeds inclusive of the Nebelung. they may be being utilized in Italy as a manner to make Oriental Shorthairs healthier and more strong called RUS4OSH in FIFe.

Russian Whites and Russian Blacks were constructed from crosses with domestic white cats which were allegedly imported from Russia. the first line becomes developed with the aid of Frances McLeod (Arctic) within the UK throughout the 1960s and the second line produced by way of Dick and Mavis Jones (Myemgay) in Australia in the 1970s. by means of the late 1970s, the Russian White and Russian Black colors were widely wide-spread with the aid of cat fanciers in Australia as well as in South Africa and now also inside the UK as Russian cats (in exclusive training). however, the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation and FIFe do now not apprehend any variation of the Russian Blue.

Physical characteristics

The Russian Blue has brilliant green eyes, pinkish lavender or mauve paws, layers of short thick fur, and a blue-gray coat. The shade is a bluish-gray that is the dilute expression of the black gene. but, as dilute genes are recessive (“d”) and every figure will have a set of two recessive genes (“dd”) two non-CPC Russian Blues will constantly produce a blue cat. because of the breeding with Siamese after world battle II, there are colorpoint genes floating around. If carriers are bred collectively, then they will produce a litter of blended shades—strong blue or white with blue like a Siamese. human beings call those CPC cats “colorpoint”, “whites” or “pointed” Russians. In maximum registries, one can’t sign up, breed or display a colorpoint, Russian.

The coat is called a “double coat”, with the undercoat being smooth, downy and equal in duration to the guard hairs, which might be an excellent blue with silver suggestions. however, the tail may also have a few very stupid, almost unnoticeable stripes. The coat is defined as thick, plush and tender to the touch. the feeling is softer than the softest silk. The silver suggestions give the coat a shimmering look. Its eyes are almost usually a darkish and shiny green. Any white patches of fur or yellow eyes in maturity are visible as flaws in-display cats. Russian Blues must no longer be burdened with British Blues (which are not a wonderful breed, but alternatively, a British Shorthair with a blue coat as the British Shorthair breed itself comes in a wide type of colorations and styles), nor the Chartreux or Korat which can be other obviously taking place breeds of blue cats, even though they have similar traits.

Behavioral characteristics

The Russian Blue is a curious and tranquil animal. they’re regarded for his or her friendliness and intelligence and are truly reserved. They were recognized to play fetch and open doorways, and are touchy to human feelings. They experience gambling with a variety of toys and expand dependable bonds to their cherished ones and other own family pets. they’re normally taken into consideration to be a quiet breed but there are always exceptions. they’re usually reserved around strangers unless they are delivered up in a lively family. Many Russian Blues were educated to do tricks. They can also be fierce hunters, regularly catching rodents, birds, rabbits, small mammals, or reptiles.

Russian Blue kittens are energetic and require ok playmates or toys as they can become mischievous if bored. they have got extraordinary athleticism and rival even Abyssinians for his or her capacity to jump and climb. sluggish to mature, Russian Blues hold lots of their adolescent traits each exact and otherwise till they’re three–4 years antique and even a good deal older Blues can be without difficulty enticed into play by using their proprietors. Russian Blues are also quite sensible. they have an exquisite memory and will research the hiding vicinity of favorite toys (e.g., laser guidelines) and lead their owners to them once they want a recreation. additionally, they have a keen capability to consider favored site visitors and could race to greet familiar faces even though quite some time has exceeded between visits—a thorough departure from their generally very reserved behavior around surprising human beings.

Growth and maturity Cat

Russian Blues have a life expectancy of around 10–two decades, but some have lived up to a maximum of 25 years. They typically have few health problems as they generally tend to have little to no genetic troubles and are not vulnerable to contamination. they may be small to slight-sized cats with a median weight of three.6 to 6.8 kg (8 to fifteen lb) whilst completely grown. men will usually be larger than women. Their gestation period is approximately sixty-four days.


Anecdotal evidence shows that the Russian Blue may be better tolerated by using individuals with slight to mild allergic reactions. there may be speculation that the Russian Blue produces much less glycoprotein Fel d 1, one source of cat allergies. The thicker coat may additionally trap extra of the allergens closer to the cat’s pores and skin. Glycoprotein is one source of cat hypersensitive reactions, but this does not imply they may be suitable to be homed with human beings allergic to cats as they may nonetheless motive the hypersensitive reaction to be affected, simplest to a lesser diploma for quick durations of time.

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The Russian Blue has vibrant green eyes, pinkish lavender or mauve paws, layers of brief thick fur, and a blue-gray coat. The shade is a bluish-grey that is the dilute expression of the black gene.

Russian blue cats are purebred and are expensive for that reason. Depending on the breeder, type, and heritage, a Kitten Cat can cost you anywhere between $800 all the way up to $1500.