Reasons for my cat waiting at the door when I return home?

They have a good sense of time, which means that cats can tell when to return home on the day. Routine is a logical thing for them, easy to follow, and it enables cats to know your arrival time, especially if you have a fixed schedule, they can learn and get used to it.

my cat waiting at the door when I return home

A good number of people (a novel) have reported that their cat is always waiting when they return home. Although this does not apply to all cats, it was enough to make me wonder.

There’s very little research on the subject, so I asked Doctor Hanen Abdel Rahman, what the deal is with these kitties. Are they secretly dogs?

It turns out that no, cats aren’t dogs. Dr. Hanen Abdel Rahman told me that like their canine counterparts, cats can hear the sounds of us coming home: Our car in the driveway, or us walking up the stairs. Over time, she says, they learn that these sounds predict our arrival.

Cats have a good sense of time, and they can tell if we go home at the same time every day. This is why your cat looks somehow always know when it’s dinner time? Cats can learn our schedules, especially when there is food in them. If you have a steady schedule that puts you home at 6 pm every day, your cat may expect to arrive.

Cats didn’t coevolve with humans as dogs did, and domestic cats are a much more recent development than domestic dogs are. We think that wolves were drawn to hunter-gatherer sites way before the advent of agriculture. Cats, on the other hand, started hanging around us as a direct result of agriculture. However, cats have spent enough time with us over the millennia to figure out our habits, and they’ve gotten pretty good at it. That, and there are food and attention in it for them.