Pedialyte Is Dangerous For Cats?

symptoms of dehydration include skin that does not spring lower back whilst gently pinched dry gums and thick saliva. since it promotes water and electrolyte retention, Pedialyte is often prescribed by way of vets to deal with dehydration. but, administering Pedialyte for your cat can be a tough venture when you consider that your hairy friend likely might not be a fan of the flavor. thankfully, there are some easy ways to make the system a great deal much less demanding for each you and your cat.


  • Do now not use Pedialyte as an opportunity for veterinary remedy. Dehydration may be a symptom of a serious fitness condition and ought to constantly warrant a visit to the vet.
  • in case your cat is dehydrated because of warmth shock, take her to the vet without delay. depending on the severity of her circumstance, your cat may additionally need extra in-depth remedy.
  • by no means give your cat Pedialyte without first receiving dosing instructions out of your vet. in case you provide her too little, it is going to be useless. Giving her too much also can be unfavorable.

No Pedialyte for Cats!
Pedialyte was once indicated for treating sick kittens. however, because of a trade-in their formulation, it’s far vital that you do now not underneath any situations supply your cats or kittens Pedialyte anymore! currently, the Pedialyte organization commenced including zinc to the Pedialyte and zinc is extremely poisonous to cats and kittens and could, in reality, lead them to even sicker. And there’s enough zinc in there to make them very unwell. So go searching for general or off manufacturers that do not have zinc in them. Cats want a few zinc however the quantity this is now in Pedialyte is too excessive.

Is electrolyte water secure for cats?
Dehydration and occasional electrolytes can quickly grow to be a serious issue in pets. There are some instances wherein it is beneficial to provide electrolytes to pets, inclusive of: … A dehydrated cat or dog could have lost important electrolytes, so it is vital to replace misplaced electrolytes as quickly as viable.

Doctor Hanen Abdel Rahman