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The Oregon Rex Cat changed into one in every of numerous breeds of domestic cat with the rex coat version, which in the mid-20th-century took place from a spontaneous genetic mutation.

After its acknowledgment as a separate breed, it enjoyed a brief time of reputation amongst cat breeders inside the united states. with the aid of now, due to crossbreeding with different Rex sorts, this breed appears to have merged with the other more popular Rex breeds like Devon Rex or Cornish Rex.

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the primary documented case of an Oregon Rex cat is traced returned to a muddle of cats in the U.S. country of Oregon in 1955. The unique kitten differed from its siblings and its mother by having a curly coat while the others all had straight fur.
at the same time, the first Cornish Rex was imported to the U.S. from extremely good Britain and had been soon interbred with the growing Oregon Rex breed. Breeders from Oregon then mounted a purebred Oregon Rex which quickly became one among America’s maximum famous Rex breeds. in the course of breeding, however, all varieties of Rex cats—every of which varies genetically—had been crossbred, and the Oregon Rex did not undergo as a stand-by myself breed.


the everyday curly coat changed into silky, short and tight, and featured no or only pretty quick defend hair. The kemp becomes shorter than the German Rex’s or Cornish Rex’s and became absolutely developed, with an average subapical swelling. Their minimum flexion made the kemp hairs longer than the undercoat. The number of hairs became regular, however, the bristles were missing.
the head became wedge-fashioned with an extended bridge. The ears had been large with smoothly rounded edges and have been set excessive on the top, and the eyes were medium-sized with an oval shape.
The Oregon Rex’s body turned into an elongated and tiny build, the tail was long, narrow and peaked. The legs were long, gracile and slender, with tiny, round paws.


The Oregon Rex mixed the individual tendencies of all Rex breeds. They were affectionate and needy, funny and playful, every so often a touch turbulent, and a bit smug. The Rex was additionally mentioned to have a dominant individual and as a result to be particularly complex to handle.


The foundation of the Oregon Rex breed is an end result of mutation. Mutations of the gene liable for the everyday curly hair or the one’s genes involved in that technique appear to be quite commonplace. similarly to the other Rex breeds, there are several other versions, the now-extinct Oregon Rex being most effective considered one of them.

Crossbreeding of cats with ordinary Oregon Rex capabilities (genetic description: roro) and Cornish Rex (rr) and later with Devon Rex (rere) led to offspring with ordinary, non-curly coats. studies supported the fact that the Oregon Rex mutation represents a recessive allele (ro) of a very own gene with the dominant wild kind allele (Ro) and therefore become in fact genetically different from other Rex breeds.

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The Oregon Rex Cat comes in many colors and patterns, including pointed. The coat can be shorthaired or longhaired. Oregon Rex usually lives for 13 or more years. You may hear that the Cat Oregon Rex coat is hypoallergenic because of its texture, but that is not correct.

How much do Oregon Rex Cats cost?

It costs around $ 200- $ 300 to adopt an Oregon Rex Cat. Conversely, it can be prohibitively expensive to buy an Oregon Re from a breeder – they are usually somewhere in the $ 600- $ 1,500 range.