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The call Ojos Azules Cat Translates to “blue eyes Cat ” in Spanish, and the Ojos Azules cat name is becoming because of those tomcats characteristic lovely eyes which might be a deep blue shade.

Cats with darkish blue eyes have been found in New Mexico amongst feral cat populations. the first cat, discovered in 1984, become a tortoiseshell named Cornflower. She changed into bred to males without the trait, which proved to be dominant, as all her kittens showed it. The breed became based and named Ojos Azules, Spanish for ‘Blue Eyes’.

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Genes Cat

Ojos Azules is remarkable for his or her deep blue eyes. Unlike the blue eyes seen linked to the genes in bicolor cats and cats with point coloration, both of which suppress pigmentation, this gene isn’t linked to any certain fur color or pattern, giving the chance to possess cats with dark coats and blue eyes. The depth of color the eyes are bigger even than that seen during a Siamese (cat) and doesn’t cause squinting, deafness or cross-eye. One indicator of the Ojos gene may be a flattened tail-tip.[citation needed] Following a genetic investigation by Solveig Pflueger, breeding resumed during a small way with attempts to breed Ojos Azules without the lethal genetic defects. it had been discovered that when the gene is homozygous it causes cranial deformities, white fur, a little curled tail, and stillbirth. However, when the gene is heterozygous, those lethal genetic mutations don’t manifest. The result’s that breeders must cross the blue-eyed cats with non-blue-eyed cats, assuring a litter of about 50/50 blue/non-blue-eyed kittens. Although the attention color is described as having depth “even greater even than that seen during a Siamese (cat)” it, in fact, does not. The blue color seen in cats is thanks to an equivalent natural phenomenon, the absence of melanin within the iris. The explanation for the absence of pigment differs between Siamese, white cats, and Ojos but the top result’s pigment loss and blue eyes. The depth of color of the blue eyes is thanks to currently unknown polygenetic variations. The depth of eye color is often selected for in breeding programs and current show Siamese have extremely deep eye color.

Registration and popularity Cat

Ojos Azules is a completely uncommon breed. the primary cat of that kind changed into located in 1980. In 1992, the handiest ten were recognized. The breed, in each brief and long hair range, becomes frequent for registration by way of TICA in 1991. The TICA Ojos Azules Breed organization popular is dated five January 2004. handiest cats expressing the deep blue eye gene had been called Ojos Azules. It changed into lately determined that cranial defects may be connected to the gene, and breeding was briefly suspended.

Description of Physical characteristics

The medium-sized Ojos Azules is known for its bluish eyes, which can be big and round. The neck is arched. The tail is proportionate to the cat’s body. the head is incredibly triangular in inscribe. It has a slightly rounded brow and an angular muzzle. The nostril has a mild destroy. The coat is brief, exceptional, smooth, silky and shiny. The undercoat isn’t always especially evolved, but most are dense in color. All colors are allowed. White markings are commonplace on maximum extremities (tip of the tail, muzzle, and paws). but, belly spots or chest spots aren’t suited and are considered faults. Particulars have a white tail tip. strong white coats are not appropriate, as they cannot be prominent from not unusual white blue-eyed cats. observe that white blue-eyed Ojos Azules aren’t deaf like most common white blue-eyed cats. similarly, aside from cats of the Ojos Azules breed, the simplest white or colorpoint cats will have blue eyes.

Personality Cat

Little is known about this breed, due to its rarity. however, some had been acknowledged to be energetic, pleasant, and affectionate. they’re also easy to groom, and do no longer require a good deal brushing.

Breed Traits Cat Ojos

Ojos Azules continues to be an extraordinary breed, now not plenty is thought regarding the personality of those cats. the ones which have been bred, but, have been defined as affectionate, dependable, friendly, gentle, clever, social, playful, and lively.

This breed is also considered a lap cat that receives alongside exquisite with adults, so in case you are on the lookout for a loving pussycat accomplice that is also beautiful in look, the Ojos Azules might be a notable desire. And, as with all different cats, whilst Ojos Azules kitties are properly delivered to children and different pets, together with other pussycats, they might get along well with them all.

those cats want a moderate quantity of attention, and in addition, the choice to be lively, so giving your puppy a spread of toys and placing aside a while to play along with your pet will assist keep him wholesome and happy. you might also find that the Ojos Azules cat is moderately vocal as properly so that you must locate the time to present your puppy lots of love.

Ojos Azules Cat Colors Photos HD
feature a spread of coat colors because all colors are allowed. the sole exception is solid white, which isn’t desirable. So, for instance, you’ll find an Ojos Azules that features a bicolor coat, otherwise, you might find cats that have tan or blue coats. regardless of what, all of the coat colors will find yourself contrasting in a beautiful way with the breed’s stunning blue eyes. and lots of cats also will feature white patches on their bodies, like on the tip of the tail, on the face, and on the feet.

How much do Ojos Azules Cat cost? The estimated cost of a kitten – $500 – $1000 US.