New owner Cat litter guide

Tidy is aware of it’s important for cat proprietors to apprehend kitty’s litter field likes and dislikes. read on for simple litter suggestions a good way to make your cat satisfied.

1- What form of a field must I buy?
The style is up to kitty’s persona. A hooded model works properly for cats who crave privacy, but it could leave others feeling boxed in. And take it from Tidy—you don’t want the litter (or its contents) to fly overboard, so go along with a container with sufficient room for your cat to transport around in. if you have a kitten, pick out a container she will get into—and develop into—without problems. got a kitten? Tidy knows a way to educate her.

2- what a number of packing containers do I need?
easy math: one container per cat, plus one extra container. So, one cat, boxes. cats, 3 bins. You get the photograph. considering multiple cats? take a look at out Tidy’s guidelines for introducing a brand new kitty to your modern cat.

3- where ought to I placed the litter container?
Potty time is a personal affair for maximum cats (phew!), so pick out a quiet location that’s freed from chaos and barriers. And make it smooth on kitty—maintain a field on each degree of your property. litter box placement is just the beginning; find out other ways to decorate your own home for cats.

4- How tons clutter goes in there?
Tidy wish your cat to dig it. absolutely take a look at the package deal for specifics, but approximately two to 3 inches for non-clumping and 3 to 4 inches of Tidy Scoop muddle will do the trick. study Tidy’s special forms of litter.

5- How do I hold the field easy?
Tidy likes smooth. Kitty likes smooth. It’s a lovely thing. So be sure to scoop waste daily and trade the clutter at least as regularly because the package suggests.

change the clutter at the least as often as the package indicates. Bag the antique muddle and toss in the trash—don’t flush (even flushable types can wreak havoc in your plumbing), and don’t use as fertilizer (it’ll attract flies and different cats). Get the whole story at the Dos and Don’ts of cat litter.