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The Munchkin Cat or Sausage cat is a newer breed of cat characterized by its very quick legs, which can be as a result of a genetic mutation. tons controversy erupted over the breed when it became identified with the aid of The worldwide Cat Association (TICA) in 1995 with critics voicing difficulty over potential health and mobility troubles.

The call “munchkin” derives from writer L. Frank Baum’s diminutive population of Munchkin USA, originating within the 1900 novel, The tremendous Wizard of oz.

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History Cat Breed creation

Short-legged cats have been documented some of the instances around the world for the reason that Nineteen Forties. A British veterinary report in 1944 noted 4 generations of wholesome short-legged cats which have been much like everyday cats besides for the period of the legs. This line disappeared at some stage in the second one world struggle however different brief-legged cats have been noticed in Russia at some stage in 1956 and the United States inside the 1970s.
In 1983, Sandra Hochenedel, a track trainer in Rayville, Louisiana, observed two pregnant cats who have been chased below a truck through a dog. She kept one of the cats and named her Blackberry and half off of her kittens were born brief-legged. Hochenedel gave a short-legged male kitten from one in every of Blackberry’s litters to a friend, Kay LaFrance of Monroe, Louisiana, and she named the kitten Toulouse. it’s miles from Blackberry and Toulouse’s litter that modern-day Munchkin breed is descended. Toulouse changed into an un-neutered cat with outside get entry to and after some time a populace of stray short-legged cats started to shape. (hypothesis and the source is referenced)
questioning that they might have a brand new breed, Hochenedel and LaFrance contacted Dr. Solveig Pflueger, a show choose, chairperson of The global Cat affiliation’s (TICA) genetics committee and marketing consultant to the Board of directors. together with Dr. David Biller, Head of Radiology at the University of Veterinary medicine at Kansas kingdom college, Pflueger conducted research at the cats and decided that the fast-legged trait has an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance and that the cats did no longer seem to have any spinal issues associated with those discovered in quick-legged dog breeds consisting of the Corgi and Dachshund.

Registry history of Munchkin breeds

The Munchkin cat was first added to most of the people in 1991 through a national community televised cat show held by means of The worldwide Cat affiliation (TICA) in Madison square lawn. Critics expected that the breed could expand lower back, hip and leg issues much like people who plague a few Dachshunds. for many years, the Munchkin breed turned into now not generic in feline competitions due to the arguable breeding. Amidst much controversy, the Munchkin changed into proposed as a new breed by way of basis breeders Laurie Bobskill and Robert Bobskill of Massachusetts and regular by way of TICA into its New Breed development application in September 1994. One veteran display judge resigned in protest, calling the breed an affront to breeders with ethics. The Munchkin breed achieved the TICA Championship reputation in may additionally 2003.

Apart from TICA, registries that recognize the breed include the American Association of Cat Enthusiasts (AACE), The United pussycat agency (flying saucers), the Southern Africa Cat Council, and the Waratah countrywide Cat Alliance in Australia. there is controversy among breeders of pedigree cats as to what genetic mutations are odd and potentially disadvantageous to the cat. several cat registries do no longer apprehend the Munchkin: Fédération Internationale Féline, which refuses to understand what they remember a breed based on a “genetic disorder”, achondroplasia. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy likewise refuses to recognize the breed, considering this breed and others find it irresistible to be “unacceptable” due to the fact they are primarily based on an “abnormal shape or development”. The breed is likewise no longer identified through the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation. The Australian Capital Territory (a territory of Australia) government bear in mind the munchkin breed to be “malformed animals” and the planned breeding of them “unacceptable” because of the “genetic fitness issues related to such breeding”. proprietors and Breeders of munchkins declare them to be “a legitimate breed” this is “perfect” for small homes and now not mainly susceptible to fitness issues.

In 2014, Lilieput, a Munchkin cat from Napa, California, was named the shortest statured living cat inside the world through Guinness international facts. She stands 5.25 inches (thirteen.34 centimeters) tall.


The Munchkin is generally described as a candy-natured, playful, people-orientated, outgoing and smart cat that responds well to being treated. a few assets state that the shortness of their legs does now not intervene with their walking and leaping abilities, whilst others state their potential to leap is restrained through their condition.

The Munchkin has comparable characteristics to everyday home cats, due to their common use as outcrosses. it is a small to a medium-sized cat with a mild body kind and medium-plush coat. Male Munchkins typically weigh between 6 and 9 kilos (3–4 kg) and are commonly larger than female Munchkins, which normally weigh among 4 and eight kilos (2–three.6 kg). The hind legs may be barely longer than the front which creates a moderate rise from the shoulder to the rump. The legs of the Munchkin may be slightly bowed, despite the fact that excessive bowing is a disqualification inside the show ring. Cow-hocked legs are also penalized.

The Munchkin comes in all coat colors and styles. It additionally is available in an extended-haired range, that is proven in a separate Munchkin Longhair category. the quick-haired range has a medium-plush coat at the same time as the lengthy-haired has a semi-long silky coat. TICA rules for outcrossing permits the usage of any home cat that doesn’t already belong to a recognized breed. The similarity to different breeds is grounds for disqualification. Non-standard Munchkins are not allowed to be shown.


despite the fact that the genetic mutation inflicting the Short-legged trait in Munchkins is known as achondroplasia, achondroplasia is a genetic ailment that effects in dwarfism and is generally related to an enlarged head as well as brief legs however also can contain symptoms encompass undersized jaw, thick-looking joints, curved spine, and bow-legged and/or a knock knee posture. The situation has occasionally been known as hypochondroplasia or pseudoachondroplasia. Small clutter sizes when munchkin cats are crossed indicate that embryos that might be homozygous for the munchkin gene are non-possible.
at the same time as there had been early speculations that the Munchkin will broaden spinal troubles typically visible in short-legged canine breeds, in 1995 numerous breeders had their oldest Munchkins X-rayed and examined for symptoms of joint or bone problems and located none.
but, there appear to be two situations with accelerated prevalence in the Munchkin breed: lordosis (immoderate curvature of the backbone) and pectus excavatum (hollowed chest). each condition is generally visible in people with pseudoachondroplasia.

Genetics Cat

The munchkin gene is autosomal dominant. Homozygous embryos for the munchkin gene aren’t viable because of gene lethality and do not expand inside the womb. best kittens which are heterozygous for the munchkin gene change into possible short legged munchkin kittens. due to the fact simplest heterozygous munchkin cats are capable of bypass on the gene, all litters with at least one munchkin parent have the opportunity of containing kittens with the phenotypes: brief-legged or normal-legged (called non-trendy munchkin), with the genotypes of Mm or mm, in which M is the trait for brief legs and m is the trait for lengthy legs. The mating of two munchkin dad and mom, Mm x Mm, have the chance of manufacturing these offspring: 25% MM- a nonviable kitten, 50% Mm-quick-legged, 25% mm- regular. The resulting muddle might be 2/three Mm-short-legged and 1/3 mm-everyday.

Punnett squares, wherein the M represents the dominant munchkin gene and the m represents the recessive ordinary gene, may be used to illustrate the probabilities of a particular mating ensuing in a quick-legged cat.

Kittens bearing two copies of the munchkin gene (MM) will now not expand inside the womb. Kittens bearing one munchkin gene and one ordinary gene (Mm) might be brief-legged munchkins. Kittens bearing two regular genes (mm) could be every day. Mm, munchkin kittens could be capable of a bypass on the munchkin gene to their own offspring. regular mm kittens will now not, as they do no longer have a replica of the munchkin gene.

For each kitten conceived from this mating, there’s a 25% threat it’ll fail to gestate, a 25% danger it will be ordinary, and a 50% chance it’ll be brief-legged.

For each kitten conceived from this mating, there may be a zero% chance it’ll be homozygous for the munchkin gene, a 50% hazard it will be regular, and a 50% hazard it’ll be a munchkin.

Recognized derived breeds Cat

The Munchkin has been crossed with the curly-lined LaPerm to create the Skookum, the hairless Sphynx to create the Minskin and Bambino, every other curly-covered Selkirk Rex to create the Lambkin, the Persian breed group(which includes Himalayans and Exotic Shorthair) to create the Napoleon, the curled-eared American Curl to create the Kinkalow, the folded-eared Scottish Fold to create the Scottish Kilts, and also with the Bengal to create the Genetta.

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A huge sort of coat shades and styles seem inside the munchkin cat breed, which includes calico, pointed, tortoiseshell, tuxedo, tabby and bicolor. there may be also an extended-haired munchkin cat; the silky hair calls for ordinary grooming to keep ideal, healthful situations.

Munchkin Cat Price
The common rate of munchkin cats typically ranges from $300 to $800. Older ones are cheaper compared to kittens and can be determined inside the refuge maximum of the time for only $a hundred.