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The Khao Manee cat (Thai: ขาวมณี, RTGS: Khao Mani, lit. “white gem”), or Khao Plort (Thai: ขาวปลอด, lit. “entirely white”), additionally called the Diamond Eye cat, is a rare breed of cat originating in Thailand, which has an historical ancestry tracing back loads of years. they’re referred to inside the Tamra Maew or Cat e-book Poems. Khao Manee cats are pure white with a quick, smooth, close-lying coat. they are able to have blue eyes, gold eyes or extraordinary-eyes with one of each color. The extraordinary-eyed Khao Manee is the rarest range. they’re muscular, athletic cats of a mild foreign kind and are reputed to be energetic, communicative and sensible.

Khao Manee Cat Videos

despite the fact that the breed is well known in its place of origin it has most effective lately been followed through Western cat breeders, gaining “registration handiest” status from TICA in might also 2009. On 3 September 2011, the breed was promoted to “preliminary New Breed”, effective from 1 May also 2012, and on 30 August 2013 the breed became promoted to “superior New Breed”, powerful immediately.

On January 24, 2015, the Khao Manee breed was advanced to Championship stage in TICA, powerful can also 1, 2015.

On 8 September 2010, at the assembly of the GCCF government Committee, the Khao Manee become granted breed name in GCCF and turned into authorized for exhibition most effective. The Khao Manee Cat membership changed into granted GCCF pre-affiliation on the Council assembly on 26 October 2011.

The breed has now won reputation additionally in CFA on February 7th, 2018, and has been welcome in their shows from might also 1st, 2018. The CFA is the world’s largest Registry of Pedigreed Cats and this new fulfillment is putting now the breed as globally identified.

History Cat

The Khao Manee is a historic cat breed comparable to the Siamese, Korat and different Thailand cat breeds. The Khao Manee is stated within the Tamra Maew, or Cat ebook Poems, that still mention the Siamese cat breed and other coat colored cats endemic to us of a Thailand, or Siam, as it turned into previously known. Khao Manee cats are pure white with a brief, clean, close-mendacity coat.

Ayutthaya Kingdom

inside the Ayutthaya Kingdom (ad 1351-1767) there are numerous books approximately ancient Siam cats recording cats which includes the Siamese cat, Korat cat, Suphalak cat, Konja cat, etc.. There are 23 species in Ayutthaya. 17 species have been fed on the Ayutthaya royal palace, however, there aren’t any facts about the Khao Manee. There are a few records of approximately white cats, but no unique facts about the Khao Manee. The handiest 23 species were recorded.

Thonburi Kingdom

After the Thonburi Kingdom collapsed at some point in the Burmese-Siamese conflict (advert 1765-sixty seven), the Siamese people emigrated to the Thonburi country (ad 1768-1782). one of the maximum important temples in Bangkok is inside the Wat Arun. A Buddhist temple had existed at the web site of Wat Arun for the reason that time of the Ayutthaya nation. when King Taksin mounted his new capital of Thonburi near the temple after the fall of Ayutthaya, the Khao Manee’s historical statistics have been determined there.

Rattanakosin Kingdom (Bangkok)

within the reign of King Nangklao (ad 1824-1851), the Khao Manee is greater regularly noted. Khao Manee cats are famed and there had been art work observed of them at temples. The white cat was at the beginning referred to as the ‘Khao Plort’, they have become known as the Khao Manee in the reign of King Chulalongkorn (1868-1910 advert).
The Khao Manee isn’t to be burdened with the Siamese, or any Siamese relative including the overseas White Siamese, which turned into bred from purebred Siamese with one white-covered British Shorthair ancestor. even though each white cats have a not unusual historical past, the Siamese cat and the Khao Manee have unique genetic systems, bloodlines and breeding rules, for this reason, Khao Manee is considered a totally different breed within the West, as well as in its local domestic of Thailand.
despite the fact that the breed is well known in its homeland, it has handiest lately been followed by means of Western cat breeders, gaining “registration only” repute from TICA in May 2009. On 3 September 2011, the breed turned into promoted to “initial New Breed”, powerful from 1 May additionally 2012 and on 30 August 2013, the breed was promoted to “Advanced New Breed”, powerful straight away.

Breeding Cat

The Khao Manee became stated to be kept and bred first of all by using Siam royals, as was the case with different uncommon colored cats along with the Siamese. Breeders in Thailand are promoting and breeding the Khao Manee inside the attempt of preserving its lineage and breed well known. the first Khao Manee cat imported to America arrived in 1999 while Colleen Freymuth imported 12 Khao Manees. In 2004, she changed into joined by way of Frédéric Lachaud-Goedert in France who started out every other breeding program. With the assist of Janet Poulsen, an edifying contributor to the establishment of the breed, they worked to have the breed identified in all of the world’s cat registries. Breeders within the West are still operating to promote and establish basis lines for the Khao Manee.

Khao Manee Cat Colors Photos HD
Khao Manee cats are lithe and muscular with a pure white, short, smooth, close-lying coat. The ears are medium to large and the nostril has a mild curve. the eye color is the cats’ most unique characteristic and can be something from blue to amber, yellow or inexperienced, or a combination of blue and any of the other shades.

Khao Manee Cat Price
Khao Manee cats
are natural white with a short, clean, near-mendacity coat. This fortunate charm will set you again anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000.