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The Javanese Cat, additionally referred to as the Colorpoint (or Colourpoint) Longhair in some registries (though that call has different meanings), is a spread of purebred home cat. it’s far an Oriental-kind, the long-haired equivalent of the Colorpoint Shorthair. The range turned into evolved in North the USA; its name is derived from the subculture of naming Oriental-type cats after Southeast Asian places. it’s miles an offshoot of the Balinese breed, out-crossed to Siamese and Colorpoint Shorthair, and regularly having coat patterns no longer perfect in those breeds. people may additionally or might not behave factor shade.

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relying on the cat registry in a query, it may be treated as a stand-alone breed, considered a Javanese department of Balinese, or subsumed with the Himalayan right into a merged breed referred to as certainly Colourpoint. Confusingly, one registry applies Javanese to a distinct breed. (See § class beneath for information; this newsletter focuses on the CFA breed/sub-breed.)


The term Javanese cat became coined with the aid of a Helen Smith of MerryMews Cattery circa 1950, but for an exclusive range she became operating on. it’s far unknown if she had ever traveled to Indonesia. The call turned into derived from the tradition of using the names of the nations and islands of south-east Asia for Oriental cat breeds.

round 1978, breeders of Balinese cats in Canada and United States, affiliated mostly with the clubs Balinese Internationale and Balinese Breeders and Fanciers of the USA, sought reputation from the united states-headquartered, international Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in their “new hues “(variations at the conventional point-colored Balinese). The cats were ordinary for registration but now not competition into the CFA in 1979, however most effective as a brand new breed in place of as a department of Balinese; the call “Javanese” (independent of Helen Smith’s use of it within the Nineteen Fifties) became decided on through searching at a map and selecting Java, an island near Bali. CFA offered “Provisional” popularity in 1984, and the CFA Javanese received a complete “Championship” repute within the corporation in 1986.

The Javanese, under CFA definitions, changed into merged again into Balinese because the Javanese department in 2008, to be greater regular with other registries’ coat-color regulations.


in the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation, the Javanese, now a sub-breed, is a typically Balinese-ancestry cat with a coat that doesn’t observe the traditional and strictly described factor coloration styles of the Balinese. well into the Nineteen Nineties, it changed into nevertheless permissible to returned-move Javanese to Balinese, Siamese, and Colorpoint Shorthairs for genetic diversity within the Javanese line. beneath present-day CFA rules, and after intervening breed redefinitions, simplest “positive restrained outcrossing” is permitted (by way of special permission from CFA), and most effective to the Oriental Longhair (a related breed that has the same broad coloration variety however frame-extensive, lacking the colorpoint sample). All outcrossing will prevent at the cease of 2025.
Such Balinese with non-conventional shades are, in some different registries, named Colorpoint Longhair, although this term is ambiguous, and can consult with specific breeds in some registries. within the global Cat Federation (WCF) scheme, cats that would be categorized in different registries as Javanese or Colorpoint Longhair have been merged with Himalayan into an unmarried breed, Colourpoint. (In most registries other than the WCF, the Himalayan cat is a separate breed, ago among the Balinese and the Persian, confined to traditional Balinese/Siamese colorations.) To complicate subjects, in addition, WCF has as a substitute implemented the call Javanese to what other registries name the Oriental Longhair, which has no factor color.

Features Cat Javanese

The Javanese breed has an extended, silky coat in a spread of colors (not like the actual native domestic cats of Java that have brief hair). it’s far an unmarried coat, in comparison to the double coat (with defending hairs) discovered in maximum long-haired breeds; as an end result, it lies close to the pores and skin and produces an extended, sleeker look than is traditional for long-haired cats. like the Colorpoint Shorthair, the Javanese has factor color (with a faded frame and darker face and extremities) but is authorized to have coat hues and styles now not observed inside the Balinese or Siamese. these may range from darkish brown to nearly white and maybe ruddy to bluish, tabby, lynx point, cream factor, tortoiseshell (tortie), tortie factor, and others, including unusual mixtures (“blue-cream factor”, “cinnamon-tortie lynx factor”, and many others.). In overall, CFA defines 24 Javanese-department color mixtures further to the 4 Balinese basics. well-known Javanese usually have blue eyes.

Behavior Cat

it’s far stated as a shrewd cat and has a tendency to vocalize, often for no apparent reason; that is also a trait of the Siamese ancestor. they are extensively fond of play, jumping and human touch, vocalizing, and stepping into anything their owners are doing and may become depressed if no longer often entertained by human beings or different pets. they may be reportedly appropriate mouse hunters.

Genetic disorders

not unusual genetic problems are shared with the Balinese and Siamese breeds. these encompass deafness, early-onset arthritis and other joint troubles, hip dysplasia, and pass-eye.

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The Javanese Cat is a Siamese type cat with a medium-length coat in the Colorpoint colorations: lynx factor, tortie point or pink/cream factor, black, blue and white. The figure breeds are the Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthair, and Balinese.

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The Javanese is an active, vocal cat, as befits most of the oriental cats. Life span: 10-12 years… pink/cream factor, black, blue and white… Kitten Price, Average $ 900 – $ 1500 USD…
Kitten Price: Average $ 900 – $ 1500 USD