how to Introduce Cats and puppies

10 tips for making introductions easier.
1- begin younger

Cats and puppies usually have not had unsightly reports with other cats and dogs. So in case, you’re considering having a cat and a canine in your property, it’s an amazing idea to get them each at an identical time—and at a younger age.

2- select the right pets
in case you’re looking to unite a cat and canine later in existence, recollect this: an excellent cat-canine match is a cat who’s curious and now not afraid of puppies and a canine that’s familiar with cats. Strays or animals which have been rescued from provoking situations can nonetheless live together, however, they will possibly need extra socialization and care. And some dog breeds are instinctively driven to seize and shake prey so that they shouldn’t live with cats.

3- Take it slow
given that cats are territorial and don’t generally like sudden adjustments to their environments, it’s first-class to make introductions step by step. Be affected person and permit your cat and dog get to understand each other over a few days to several weeks.

4- keep a brief leash
it’s an excellent concept to keep your canine leashed while you’re introducing him to a new cat. It maintains you in control and makes you better able to interfere if play turns too tough. you may additionally introduce your pets with one or each of them in a carrier or crate to preserve them bodily separated.

5- Create a room of 1’s very own
Whichever puppy you are introducing to your home must have a safe, personal space to cover and relax. as an example, your new cat has to have her very own room away from the dog. It needs to have a door or gate, together with a litterbox, scratching put up, meals, water, and toys.

6- mix their scents
Cats and puppies study one another through smell, so before you introduce them, it is a great idea to transfer heady scent from one to the alternative. you would possibly rub your dog down with a towel, that you then depart in the cat’s sound asleep space. After some days, circulate the towel someplace your canine loves to rest or play.

7- privacy, please
hold the litterbox someplace your dog can not get to it. this is important in your cat’s sense of protection and privacy—she might also prevent the use of the field if the dog interrupts her. it is also essential for your dog’s fitness, considering that a few puppies will eat cat feces.

8- display manicures
An instinctive swipe from a cat’s paw can both dissatisfied and injure your dog. To maintain your cat’s nails trimmed or capped with vinyl covers to help shield your canine.

9- eating on my own is key
Cats and puppies have unique dietary needs, so maintaining them separately at some stage in food is crucial to their fitness. And seeing that many puppies want to snack on cat meals, having separate feeding areas maintains your cat from losing meals to the canine.

10- not every person turns into BFFs
do not forget, a happy domestic with pets at peace is still an achievement. Even in case your neighbor’s puppies and cats have ended up excellent friends, do not worry if yours level off at polite buddies—they will nonetheless wonder you by curling up collectively on the identical couch.