How dogs behave in the heat

when your dog is in warmth she gives off pheromones which a male dog can odor from miles away. Male puppies will become interested in her and can fight over her. other girl puppies can be competitive toward her and he or she may be aggressive lower back.

When your dog is in a state of heat, it gives pheromones that the dog can smell from miles away. Male dogs will become interested in them and may quarrel with them. Other women’s dogs may be aggressive towards them and they may be aggressive.

Since all dogs are different, they will all interact differently at the beginning of their thorny cycles. The first sign that a bitch might be in a heat is a sudden change in personality, energy level, or aggressive behavior. Many dogs will become more conservative or aggressive before getting into heat, but some will exhibit opposite behavior, becoming more open and friendly. Whatever the case, the sudden and inexplicable change in behavior is a sign that the thorny cycle may have started or is about to start.

Dog behavior
The more signs are physical rather than behavioral. The dog’s vagina may become swollen or flabby and it may change to a more vibrant pink or red color. Nipples may also swell, be more sensitive and deeper in color. Her thirst level and urination rate usually increase significantly. Some dogs also exhibit vaginal bleeding, although the blood volume will be much lower than that of menstruating men. The amount of blood is also related to the size of the dog, as small dogs produce little or no blood.

Stellar cycle rate
Most dogs warm-up for the first time at about six months. Although just as with humans, there is no specific schedule for sexual maturity. Dogs that have not been exposed to heat for fourteen months should be examined by a veterinarian.

Fetal cycles tend to last approximately three weeks and are usually repeated every six to eight months. Unless the dog is sterilized, it must continue to heat at regular intervals in old age.

The effect of the stellar cycle on male dogs
The dogs will leave in the heat stimulating stimuli in their vaginal and urinary secretions, and these scents can attract male dogs from far and wide. If they are allowed to get close enough to each other, almost any healthy male dog will try to hold a dog in heat and almost every dog ​​in the heat will allow this to happen. In the absence of all other indicators of the prickly cycle, dogs that attract strong interest from male dogs are more likely to be in heat.

Since the male dog’s appeal to these scents is so strong, it is recommended that humans change clothes and wash well after direct contact with the dog while in the heat. Otherwise, one may receive undesirable progression from the male dogs who pick up the scent.

Do dogs work differently when in the heat?
The more familiar you are with your dog’s cycle, the more prepared you will be for any physical and behavioral changes that may occur during her temperature. During each stage of the heat, you will notice various changes, and the following seven signs may include: … irritable, nervous, or aggressive behavior.