How do you stop dogs from chewing on baseboards

My dog from chewing on baseboards, Sometimes the destructive behaviors are overwhelmed by the joys of a companion dog. Dogs chew for a variety of reasons; puppies chew to explore the world, and adult dogs may chew because they are bored, do not have the right toys or have separation anxiety.

  • Reprimand your dog when he is caught in the act with the company “No!” Or “drop!” The firmness of your voice should be enough to excite your puppy and tell her that what you do is unacceptable. However, you should never shout or scream. Also, never discipline a puppy if you find a weary plate after you chew it – it will not understand what you are angry about because dogs will associate discipline with what they are doing right now, not what they did before.
  • Give the puppy a strong and durable chewing game. This is especially useful for teething puppies or adult dogs who practice their natural instinct to chew their teeth and jaws. If you hold your dog while the board is undercut, give her a chew toy after you give “No!” Or “drop!” Command.
  • Your furry companion training cage. If done right, box training is an effective method for many behaviors and it gives the puppy its safe place or hate. Box training is ideal if your dog chews the boards while you are away for short periods of time, but not throughout the day. Do appropriate research to employ humanitarian fund training methods.
  • Spend a good time with your dog. Some dogs will chew on boredom, so they may not have enough time with you. Increase the length of your sides or devote time each day to some hard play time.
  • Sprinkle the boards with repellent to taste. Some common insecticides have a bitter apple taste or are made from hot pepper. You can find it almost anywhere, including large box stores and your favorite pet supply store.

Why chew my dog on wood trim?
If you have an adult dog that chews things, this could be a sign of boredom or separation anxiety. Make sure your dog has adequate physical and mental exercises.