How Do I Choose The Best Cat Tunnels

Cats are playful animals who need plenty of fun and stimulation to keep them happy. Cat tunnels are play tunnels for cats. Some felines like to dash up and down them, popping out of holes and generally causing mischief, whereas others prefer to just hide in them and pounce out at their humans or other animal friends now and again. Cat tunnels can have a range of extra features to make them even more interesting to your cats, such as crinkle material or hanging toys.

On the bright side, these days we can satisfy feline curiosity at home with purpose-built toys. Namely, cat tunnels! Tunnels are super lightweight, easy to move around, and on top of this most of them collapse into a tiny little package making them easy to pack up too.

They are well known for serving multiple purposes for your feline friends. They give them a new place to explore, a place to observe from, a place to hide, and of course…a place to ambush their feline pals from. All in all, they are some of the best toys money can buy, so let’s take a look at Best Cat Tunnels.

3 Way Play Toy & Cat Tunnel

It’s easy to see that the 3 Way Play Toy & Cat Tunnel is an exceptional choice. It gets consistently good reviews from buyers who say their cats love it and praise its durability, even standing up to cats who usually shred everything in sight. Although it appears a fairly basic three-way tunnel, it has some excellent features that cats enjoy, such as crinkle material inside, a central peephole, and a hanging toy at the end of one of the tunnels.

Each tunnel is around 10 inches in diameter and 17 inches long, giving your cat around 50 inches of a tunnel to play in without taking up too much floor space. You can choose from a massive 13 colors and patterns, so you should find one that will fit in with your home decor. Despite being an excellent all-round cat tunnel, it only costs between $10 and $25 (depending on which color option you select), which is a huge bargain.

If you have a new cat that spends most of her time under the bed or in the closet then a tunnel might be a good option to help her come out of her shell. Tunnels can be placed in strategic locations that are closer to humans so your kitty will come out, but they give an added level of safety for your cat as well because it minimizes the number of ways people can approach her.

The use of tunnels will allow a frightened cat to be able to feel protected enough so she can start to step out from her anchored hiding spot.

Systems & Mazes
Depending on the amount of room you have and the curiosity of your cat you can easily create an entire maze or a cat tunnel system. Most of the tunnels can easily be strung or clipped together even if they don’t come with the parts. This means you can always switch them out to create new and novel shapes for your cats.

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