How Determining the Sex of a Cats

Determining the Sex of a Cats Said Dr. kristina.karelina Lift the kitten’s tail. The opening just under the tail is the anus. Below the anus is the genital opening which is round in males and is a vertical slit in females. In kittens of similar size, the distance between the anus and the genital opening is greater in the male than the female.

Determining a cat’s gender is important whether you are sexing kittens, strays, or a cat you wish to adopt. Feline gender identification is quite easy once you know what clues to look for.

What is My Kitten’s Gender?
Determining the sex of a cat can be difficult at times, especially if there is no other cat (or kitten) with which to compare the anatomy. So how can you tell if you have a Merlin or a Misty, a Rex, or a Ruby? Here are a few steps to tell what your kitten’s gender is…

If you’ve established a good relationship with the cat, pick him or her (you know, since we still don’t know the gender) up and lift its tail. If the kitten isn’t responding well, you may want to solicit the assistance of a friend or family member. If the cat still isn’t lifting its tail, try scratching it where the lower back meets its tail; most cats lift their tails if you do this to them.

Once the tail is up, you should have a full view of the cat’s genitals and anus. A male will have a much greater distance between the genitals and anus than females — ½ inch apart on a male kitten or over 1 inch apart on a male adult cat. Conversely, if the two are almost adjacent on a kitten or less than 1/2 inch apart on an adult, it’s a female.

Determine gender by measuring the distance between the anus and genitals. Do not touch the genital area but rather eyeball the spacing. Female genitals appear like a vertical slit and are either directly below or within a half-inch below the anus. If the distance is greater than a half-inch in a kitten or an inch in an adult, the cat’s a male. Male genitals appear more rounded. This scrotal sac is not fully developed until about 6 to 10 weeks of age. Neutered adult male cats’ genitals appear smaller than those of male cats who aren’t neutered.