How can I help my cat pass a hairball?

my cat passes a hairball, Said Dr. Hanen Abdel Rahman If a blockage is detected, surgery may be required in order to remove the hairball. More often, however, therapy will center on protecting the intestines through several days of clinical care that includes the use of a laxative to move the hairball through the digestive tract.

Said Dr. kristina.karelina While hairballs frequently are harmless to cats, they sometimes can be dangerous. It’s important as a cat owner to know the signs that your cat may be suffering from a lodged hairball and what to do to help. Also, there are things you can do to lessen the occurrence of hairballs in your cat.

Don’t think your cat won’t get hairballs because she has short hair, or because you don’t see her grooming excessively. Virtually all cats get hairballs from licking their fur to clean themselves. The fur accumulates in their stomachs and a few things can happen: The cat can vomit up the hairball or pass it in a bowel movement, or it can become lodged inside the cat’s intestines.

Often, you’ll only know that your cat has had a hairball after it vomits up the plaque of fur. Sometimes, however, hairballs become stuck inside a cat. Your cat may display some symptoms that can clue you in: The cat might exhibit a repeated dry cough, or may retch after eating. Some cats may be fatigued, depressed, or uninterested in food.

When your cat is displaying those symptoms, it’s possible that a hairball may have passed from his stomach into his intestine. That could cause a life-threatening blockage in the intestinal tract. The blockage can cause your cat to become dehydrated and malnourished.

At-Home Treatment
Sometimes a simple treatment that you can perform yourself is all your kitty needs to feel better. Here are a few techniques:

  • Give your cat oils or butter. A little oil or butter will lubricate the intestinal system and help expel hairballs.
  • Use Hairball Gels. These treatments lubricate your cat’s stools and swallowed fur. They can also help regulate your feline’s digestive tract.
  • Feed them treats designed to get rid of hairballs. There are specially designed treats that can help your cat get rid of a stubborn hairball.
  • If you suspect your cat is suffering from a hairball, something you can do at home gives them some hairball gel, which you can buy at any pet store. Put the hairball gel on your cat’s lip or paw and it will ingest the substance through licking. The gel will coat your cat’s intestines, which may help it to pass the hairball. It isn’t a bad idea to give your cat hairball gel once or twice a week, especially if she grooms often. If that doesn’t work, take your cat to the veterinarian.

Surgical Options
Said Dr. Hanen Abdel Rahman If a hairball is causing a dangerous obstruction, you will have to rely on surgery. Be sure to contact your vet as soon as you think something is wrong so that your cat has a greater chance of a successful outcome.

How to Prevent Hairballs:

  • Keep your cat hydrated. Make sure that your furry friend drinks enough water to hydrate its intestinal tract. The liquid hydration will keep it lubricated and running smoothly.
  • Brush your cat’s fur daily. Regularly grooming your cat rids it of loose and shed hairs. When your cat grooms itself, it will be less likely to swallow fur.
  • Feed your cat a good diet. Felines are carnivores. Their bodies are not designed to process carbohydrate-rich foods. Give your cat a high-protein, low-carbohydrate, grain-free diet. Poor nutrition will cause digestion issues and increase the likelihood of hairballs.
  • Provide digestive supplements. Feed your pet supplements that will improve digestion. There are several formulas that contain psyllium seed. It will encourage your cat’s digestive tract to pass the hairball instead of regurgitating it.
  • Give your cat catnip or cat grass. This treat can provide extra fiber for your feline which helps them expel the hairball.

The best treatment for hairballs is prevention. Brushing your cat will reduce the amount of loose hair it ingests during grooming. Some cat foods are specially designed to help reduce hairballs, so check those out. Increasing your cat’s fiber intake also can help. Adding canned pumpkin or asparagus to your cat’s food will up the fiber. Keeping your house clean is a big help, as well; if your cat eats bits of string or thread off the floor, those can get wrapped up with the hairball and make it much worse. Treating your cat for fleas also can reduce fur balls. When your cat has fleas, it will lick more as it tries to rid itself of the pests.

Brushing your cat

My cat butter for hairballs
Hairballs that are stuck in their body, are the ones that could cause health issues. … Melted butter – this is one of the best hairball remedies for cats since they love dairy and fat. The fat serves as a lubricator for the hairballs to pass. “A half-teaspoon of melted butter once a day for a few days (and no longer)