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The Highlander (additionally referred to as the Highlander Shorthair, and at the start because the Highland Lynx), is an experimental breed of cat. The unique appearance of the Highlander comes from the deliberate go between the barren region Lynx and the Jungle Curl breeds, additionally lately developed. The latter of those has a few non-domestic ancestries from Asian small cat species, the leopard cat and jungle cat, making the Highlander nominally a feline hybrid, even though its foundation stock is primarily home cat.

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The Highlander originated as a crossbreed of the experimental desert Lynx breed and the Jungle Curl, to add the latter’s curled ears to the former. As with desolate tract Lynxes, they’re bobtailed or brief-tailed, have noticed or marbled markings, and resemble the bobcat. The Highlander has a long sloping brow and blunt muzzle with a very huge nose. The eyes are huge-set and the ears are upright with a mild curl and a slight flip in the backward route. a few have polydactyl paws. Highlanders haven’t any regarded health problems and are keen on water. The body is substantial and very muscular. girls can develop to among 10 and 14 kilos, and the males between 15 and 20. regardless of the “big-cat look”, the Highlander is a human-oriented, friendly and playful cat, and very energetic and confident. The Highlander presentations tabby/lynx factor or solid point color in numerous colors.


The Highland Lynx breed improvement commenced in 1993 as a crossbreed of the experimental desert Lynx breed and the Jungle Curl, to add the latter’s curled ears to the previous. even though given a name that covered “lynx”, it’s far with none real wild lynx (along with bobcat) ancestry. recognized by using the rare and distinct tom cat Registry below the name Highland Lynxes, the nascent breed is assessed by way of REFR as part of the wasteland Lynx breeding institution, which also consists of the wasteland Lynx, Alpine Lynx, and Mojave Bob.

The Highlander breed refinement commenced in 2004, to differentiate the breed better from its foundation stock, and to are searching for opposition repute in essential breed registries. The name Highlander was adopted in overdue 2005. starting may additionally 1, 2008, the breed was diagnosed via The worldwide Cat Association (TICA) for competition inside the initial New Breed elegance, and in 2016 changed into moved as much as advanced New Breed. TICA divides Highlanders into two sorts, underneath the names Highlander Shorthair (HGS) and truely Highlander (HG) for the longer-haired variant.

In January 2019, the TICA board will review the Highlander Breed institution’s request to improve to a Championship Breed.

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Colors: pure, black Tabby, white with stripes, blue, bronze color and also a red color almost like a jar of Cinnamon


Highlander Cat Price
The kitten of the Highlander Cat will cost in a significant part: from $ 500 and up to $ 1,500. The price depends on the pedigree and class! At the same time, the cost of a cat is much higher than a cat. Highlander, the main difficulty is to find breeders of this breed, which are not so many.