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The Havana Brown changed into the end result of a planned breeding between Siamese and domestic black cats, via a group of cat fanciers in England, in the 1950s. Early breeders introduced a Siamese type Russian Blue into their breeding. but, the use of modern genetic testing, it is believed that almost none stays within the gene pool.

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it’s been documented that self-brown cats have been shown in Europe inside the Nineties, one name given to these became the Swiss Mountain Cat. those disappeared until post-global battle II, with the most likely rationalization that the Siamese Cat Club of England discouraged their breeding. The Swiss Mountain Cat become never used within the breeding programs of the modern Havana Brown. but, they possibly percentage genetics inherited from the Siamese.

Breed development

inside the early 1950s, a set of English cat fanciers started out working collectively with a purpose to create a self brown cat of foreign type. They referred to like themselves “The Havana organization”, later to become “The Chestnut Brown organization”. This institution of breeders created the inspiration of the Havana Brown cat of nowadays. The ladies credited with this effort consist of Mrs. Armitage Hargreaves of Laurentide Cattery, Mrs. Munroe-Smith of Elmtower Cattery, the Baroness Von Ullmann of Roofspringer Cattery, Mrs. Elsie Fisher of Praha Cattery, and Mrs. Judd of Crossways Cattery. these breeders, by selectively breeding a Siamese cat which carried the chocolate gene to a black cat that also carried the chocolate gene, have been able to produce chestnut (chocolate) colored kittens.

The breed continued to expand inside the UK and became called the Chestnut Brown Oriental and retained the Siamese conformation. Early inside the breeding application, kittens were also exported to Siamese breeders in the united states of America. Over the following decade, breeding took an extraordinary turn as genetic problems started out to plague the brand new breed. It became necessary to make use of other breeds for genetic outcross and the phenotype commenced to adapt and develop into a distinct look than what the authentic breeders in England had intended. this transformation in route tore aside the breeding group and triggered many problems in persevering with to progress the breed inside the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. soon, the Chestnut Brown cat became being produced in many colors, acknowledged just as Oriental with a numeric gadget to designate the coat color.

within the US, the imported kittens endured to be go bred with the Chocolate and Seal point Siamese, generating most effective Chocolate or pointed offspring, with the breeders selectively breeding for simplest self brown kittens. Genetic range fast resolved any defects that were seen in the early imports. The breeders in the united states desired to maintain the appearance of the cats that were imported and bred specially for brown offspring. therefore, the cats in the United States. have a distinctive look than cats being bred in England. the American breeders centered on preserving the specific head form and did no longer breed for extremes. This American bred version turned into mild in each way, with a rich, warm mahogany color that always produced like offspring. In 1964, the Havana Brown become typical for Championship status in the global’s biggest pussycat registry, The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

Early this century, a collection of breeders in England again started out trying to recreate the imaginative and prescient of the early Havana breeders. They made suitable progress in setting apart the chocolate genetics and had been always generating chocolate, lilac, and pointed kittens. In 2011 a registered Havana Brown became imported from Europe and bred back to their Havana orientals. This cat’s contribution, along with selective breeding for kind, commenced to direct the look of a few English Havanas away from its Oriental siblings and moved them more inside the direction of the Havana Brown. In June 2014 below the breed call Suffolk, this cat received popularity by means of the GCCF. The opportunity name changed into used due to the fact the GCCF uses the call Havana to refer to a self chocolate Oriental Shorthair, from which they wanted to be prominent. even though a Havana Brown is used within the breeding software of the Suffolk, they are now not to be confused as the identical breed. The Suffolk is a lot closer to the Chestnut/Havana Oriental than to the Havana Brown.

Features and behavior

The Havana Brown is a well balanced, reasonably sized, muscular short-haired cat with a body of average duration. Sterilized animals can generally tend to turn out to be larger and fairly chubby. they’re a reasonably lively breed, as compared to other quick-hair cat breeds. The coat color need to heat brown, normally reddish-brown, with no obvious tabby markings (observe that kittens will always show markings however they clear up as the cat a while and dissolve completely via one year). Whiskers must also be brown and the attention color inexperienced. the head has to be slightly longer than extensive, but should in no way seem like a wedge. In profile, the nostril/muzzle ought to have a distinct forestall and exchange in direction on the eyes. Paw pads ought to be crimson or rose-colored but should by no means be black. Ears have a tendency to be fairly massive. A Havana Brown should haven’t any intense capabilities; specimens ought to be attractive and slight. adult males tend to be large than women and are common in weight compared with other breeds.

Havana Brown is a wise cat that often makes use of its paws both to look at gadgets and to communicate with its proprietors. interest brings them to the door as visitors arrive as opposed to who prefer to be hidden as many cats will do. It isn’t exceptional for a Havana Brown to vicinity paws on a person’s thigh and provides a meow of introduction. it’s far playful and curious, however rarely detrimental until left without companionship. at the same time as many are ‘lap cats’, a few are extra content material simply to take a seat quietly beside their human companions. alternatively, many Havana Browns prefer to ride on the shoulders in their humans and assist with each day’s sports. They like to play in and groom hair – it happens so regularly that there are Havana Brown owners who do not even be aware their cat doing it till it’s far mentioned via an observer. it’s far an extraordinary trait that maximum Havana Browns proportion.

Havana Browns come to be very connected to their families and do no longer thrive when left on my own for long periods. they’re curious and interactive and want to be a part of daily activities. it is common for Havana Brown to end up fine companions with the own family dog. Many proprietors also find it unexpected how without difficulty they could tour with their Havana Brown without the cat’s objection.

The most in all likelihood explanation of the breed’s call – and the only maximum shared through Havana Brown devotees – is that its coat shade could be very just like that of the Havana cigars, however, a few have additionally argued that the breed’s name is likewise derived from the Havana (rabbit) which also shares the coloration. that is possibly extra correct based totally on the recorded records in England.

very little grooming is required. A mild brushing and wipe with a humid material once or twice per week, along with an awesome quality eating regimen, will suffice for Havana Browns.

There are no acknowledged genetic sicknesses associated with this breed. they may have a slightly better incidence of gingivitis than different breeds, this being contributed to their Siamese ancestry.


The breed has been identified for opposition within the US because of the late 1950s. it has been considered an endangered breed, for the reason that breeding pool may be very small. inside the late 1990s, there were only 12 Cat Fanciers’ association-registered Havana Brown catteries and underneath 130 unaltered cats. due to the fact that time, the breed has grown at a healthful tempo. In 2015 there are now twice the variety of catteries and breeders located around the world, with the general public placed in the US and Europe.

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The color of the Havana is a wealthy, warm, even brown – tending toward pink-brown instead of black-brown. The coat is brief to medium in the period, smooth, lustrous and near mendacity. the texture of the coat has been likened to that of a luxurious mink coat.

Havana Brown Cat Price
The fee of a Havana Brown cat will rely on a number of factors. these typically consist of display pleasant, lineage and gender. The rarity of the breed additionally reflects within the charge. With these types of information considered, the Havana Brown kitten rate point can be everywhere from $six hundred-$1200, provide or take.