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The German Rex is not a very well-known breed if you leave the German borders. And yet it is an excellent pet cat. He is gentle, affectionate, full of liveliness, capable of living in apartments and in the countryside. He has no difficulty with maintenance and does not have poor health. He is an adorable being, very sociable and intelligent, playful and who appreciates the company of all. Ideal.

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The German Rex is a medium-sized breed with slim legs of medium duration. the head is spherical with well-developed cheeks and large, open ears. The eyes are of medium size in colors related to the coat color. The coat is silky and short with an inclination to curl. The whiskers additionally curl, even though much less strongly than in the Cornish Rex. they’ll be almost directly. All hues of coat, together with white, are allowed. The body improvement is heavier than inside the Cornish Rex – greater just like the European Shorthairs.


A German Rex cat could be very friendly and fast bonds with its owner. it’s far active, playful, and intelligent. Its temperament is tons similar to a Cornish Rex.


An early Rex-type cat from Germany turned into Kater Munk, a cat of the circle of relatives of 1 Erna Schneider, that became born 1930 or 1931 in a village close to then-königsberg, German Reich (trendy Kaliningrad, Russia). Munk became the son of a mahogany Angora cat and a Russian Blue. There were one (a few assets say two) different curly cat(s) inside the clutter which become castrated early. Munk unfolds his genes plentifully a few of the village’s cat population till his death in 1944 or 1945. The Schneiders valued the sturdy tom with a penchant for catching fish from the family’s garden pond for himself, not for his curly coat; he became, it seems, stated colloquially as a Preußig Rex (“Prussian Rex”, in neighborhood dialect). German Rex researchers do now not keep in mind Kater Munk to be associated with the German Rex breed and nation that he becomes never bred.

inside the summertime of 1951, a medical doctor in Berlin-Buch (Pankow borough), Rose Scheuer-Karpin, observed a black curly-lined cat within the Hufelandklinik sanatorium lawn. The clinic’s employees told her that they had recognized the cat due to the fact of 1947. The doctor named the cat Lämmchen (German for “little lamb”). Her supposition that she has to be the result of a mutation, changed into shown to be correct. as a result, Lämmchen was the first breeder-owned Rex-type cat and the maternal ancestor of all of the current German Rex.

the primary German Rex deliberately bred have been Rex kittens from a 1957 clutter of 4, offspring of Lämmchen and the instantly-coated son Fridolin she had with a stray black tom Blackie adopted by way of Scheuer-Karpin. Lämmchen died on December 19, 1964, or in 1967, indicating she had been very younger while first sighted in 1947. She left some of Rex and crossbred descendants – the closing one in every of her offspring turned into born in 1962 – maximum of which was used to enhance different breeds which include the Cornish Rex which was stricken by skin issues because of being descended from genetically impoverished thoroughbred stock. In 1968, the lineage hinged at the efforts of the GDR cattery vom Grund who acquired the last three Rex offspring of Lämmchen now not bought overseas and amplified the lineage with ECU Shorthair and blended-breeds. A stock was established within the West through the efforts of the FRG von Zeitz cattery in 1973 which in the preceding yr had acquired their pattern of the allele with the white lady crossbred Silke vom Grund. After some years, the breed slowly has become more considerable.

another Rex cat grew to become up in Berlin-Buch, reputedly within the past due 1950s. The tom named Schnurzel ultimately contributed to German Rex breeding; it is not regarded how he related to Lämmchen but possibly he changed into a grandson of hers, as Scheuer-Karpin might permit her cats to roam free via the gardens and forests of Buch. Even in greater latest times, the genetic legacy of Lämmchen if not Munk manifests itself occasionally inside the Berlin area, along with Puma, located as a stray image of Preuss from Siegburg which turned up in 1979 within the Rhineland metropolis of Siegburg does not look like associated with being a German Rex proper; it’s miles nearly in reality not related to Lämmchen. despite the fact that his descendants might also have contributed to the German Rex lineage of these days.


It is not sincerely regarded how Lämmchen pertains to Munk, handiest that the German Rex mutation – on the equal gene as within the Cornish Rex – is recessive, that means it will best display when each allele are “Rex”, and that Munk is the primary thoroughly documented Rex cat, though as tales of “kids cuddling curly lined kittens” attest, Rex alleles flip up sometimes. presumably, Munk sired many offspring with local cats, none of which would have had curly fur because the allele of Munk’s instantly-haired buddies might dominate. in the following years, any curly-haired cats in the okönigsberg area went left out or as a minimum were no longer bred on purpose; the allele, however, would have stood good probabilities to stay within the neighborhood cat population, as recessive alleles have a very low possibility to disappear completely.

German Rex Photos Colors HD
The German Rex is available in a selection of colors that include white, black, cream, blue, brown, pink, fawn, platinum, frost, seal, champagne, lavender, cinnamon, chestnut, and chocolate. additionally, they come in styles that consist of solid, bicolor, calico, ticking, tabby, shaded, pointed, smoke, and tortoiseshell.

German Rex Cat Price
The kitten of the German Rex will fee in a huge element: from $one hundred and as much as $600. The price depends on the pedigree and class! at the identical time, the value of a cat is a great deal better than a cat. but, the main trouble is to find breeders of this breed, which are not so many.