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The Exotic Shorthair is a breed of cat evolved as a short-haired version of the Persian. The extraordinary is similar to the Persian in lots of ways, such as temperament and conformation, a flat nostril and face with the exceptions of the quick dense coat.

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in the past due 1950s, the Persian was used as an outcross by using a few American Shorthair breeders. This turned into done in mystery so that you can improve their body kind, and crosses were additionally made with the Russian Blue and the Burmese. The crossbreed look won reputation in the display ring, however, sad American Shorthair breeders successfully produced a brand new breed general that could disqualify American Shorthairs that confirmed symptoms of crossbreeding. One American Shorthair breeder who noticed the capacity of the Persian/American Shorthair move proposed and subsequently were given the Cat Fanciers’ association judge and American Shorthair breeder Jane Martinke to apprehend them as a brand new breed in 1966, under the name amazing Shorthair. In 1987, the Cat Fanciers’ association closed the extraordinary to shorthair outcrosses, leaving Persian as the simplest allowable outcross breed.

due to the normal use of Persian as outcrosses, a few Exotics can also deliver a replica of the recessive longhair gene. whilst such cats mate, there may be a 1 in 4 risks of each offspring being longhaired. Longhaired Exotics are not taken into consideration Persians via the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation, even though The global Cat Association accepts them as Persians. different institutions just like the American Cat Fanciers association check in them as a separate exceptional Longhair breed.


The exotic Shorthair meets every well known for the Persian breed, besides for the coat.

Head: Oval, massive. Very vast skull. Rounded brow. spherical, complete cheeks. brief, wide, spherical muzzle. brief, wide nose with suggested stop. robust chain. large, effective jaws.

Ears: Small, rounded on the tip, no longer too open at the bottom. broadly spaced and properly-supplied with hair on the inner.

Eyes: large and spherical. natural, deep shade corresponding to that of the coat (gold to copper in maximum types; inexperienced within the chinchilla and the golden; blue inside the white and the colorpoint).

Neck: short and thick.

body: Medium-sized, cobby, low to the floor. vast chest. massive shoulders. large-boned with effective muscle groups. Weight: 3.five – 6 kilograms.

Paw: quick, instantly and huge. spherical, massive paws. Tufts of hair among the feet.

Tail: quick, thick, carried low. Rounded tip.

Coat: Shorthaired but barely longer than different shorthaired breeds. Dense, fluffy, erect hair. All Persian shades are recognized.


extraordinary Shorthairs have a gentle and calm persona reminiscent of the Persian, however, they are normally livelier than their longhaired ancestors. Curious and playful, they may be friendly to other cats and dogs, but they don’t like being left on my own and need the presence of their owner. They generally tend to reveal more affection and loyalty than most breeds and make outstanding lap cats. Their calm, regular nature makes them ideal apartment cats for town dwellers. despite the fact that Exotics maintains a number of the lively spark of the yank Shorthair, and they may be frequently successful mouse hunters.

Care and grooming

in contrast to the high-preservation Persian, the exotic is able to hold its personal fur tidy with little human help, although weekly brushing and combing are usually recommended to dispose of free hair and reduce loss and hairballs.
As with other flat-confronted animals, the unusual’s tear ducts are at risk of overflowing due to the nasolacrimal duct, which could hose down and stain the face. this could be relieved via periodically wiping the cat’s face with a fabric moistened with water or one of the industrial preparations made expressly for the motive.
This breed a long time slowly, because it does now not reach maturity until around two years of age and enters puberty fairly past due. whilst two wonderful Shorthairs are crossed, they’ll produce lengthy-haired kittens known as “exotic Longhairs” via the Cat Fanciers’ association. Externally, they look like Persians.


The extraordinary Shorthair is a brachycephalous breed, which means that its issues end result from having the nostril and eyes in close proximity to every different, giving the appearance of a pushed-in face. in addition to troubles with the tear ducts, sinus issues can also arise. because of the shortened jaw, there’s a threat of enamel misalignment or tooth crowding.

Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome. additionally called brachycephalic respiratory syndrome or congenital obstructive top airway disease, this causes upper airway abnormalities ranging in severity. The syndrome can reason accelerated airway resistance, infection of structures inside the airlines, and elevated strain at the heart. treatment consists of weight loss, surgery, and averting humid or warm conditions.
Calcium oxalate urolithiasis. A stone that crystallizes within the bladder and kidney.
Dystocia. Extraordinary labor because of massive-domed skulls.
feline polycystic kidney disease (PKD). exceptional Shorthairs, in addition to Persians and different Persian-derived cats, have an excessive risk of inheriting PKD, an ailment that could cause kidney failure. the usage of ultrasound scan screening has shown that the prevalence of PKD in Exotics is among 40–50% in developed nations.DNA screening for PKD is suggested for all exclusive cats used in breeding programs to lessen the occurrence of kidney disease with the aid of spaying and neutering PKD superb cats.


The distinct has step by step received reputation amongst cat fanciers with the help of the devoted advocates of the breed who noticed the fee in a Persian and Shorthair crossbreed.

In 1967, the exceptional Shorthair becomes the first general for Championship repute by using the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation.
In 1971, the primary amazing Shorthair completed the repute of Grand Champion.
In 1986, the Fédération Internationale Féline recognized the exceptional Shorthair.
In 1991, a distinguished was the Cat Fanciers’ association’s Cat of the yr.
In 1992, the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation’s nice Kitten turned into an unusual

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Exotic Shorthair amazing Shorthairs are available in all patterns and colors, ranging from black, white, blue, and tabby to Calico and a Siamese-like color factor coat. As for his or her eyes, they variety from either blue or blue-green to tremendous copper, relying on the cat’s coat

Exotic Shorthair Cat Price
Weight: 7-14 pounds
Colors: Black Blue Chinchilla Chocolate Cream Lilac Red Shaded Silver Silver White… All patterns & Colors
Kitten Price Average $ 1200 – $ 2000 USD