Excessive Yawning in Cats

in case your valuable kitty seems to sleep much of her day away, yet still manages to yawn all of the time, do not expect her yawning is related to her level of liveliness and electricity. Yawning in cats can factor to a spread of conditions, substantially extreme oral pain and, on the alternative cease of the spectrum, sweet serenity.

Mouth ailments
immoderate yawning on occasion indicates mouth ailments in cats — think feline stomatitis, for instance. This condition includes irritation of the oral region, from the mouth to the throat. while cats enjoy immoderate mouth ache, they now and again try to address it by using yawning — plenty. With these varieties of oral conditions, moving the mouth may be irritating and uncomfortable. A cat with a mouth disease might also cry out and soar into the air whenever she attempts to open up extensive and yawn — ouch.

different symptoms
in case your cat yawns a bit too much in your consolation, be attentive to other telling guidelines of the country of her mouth. Cats struck by mouth problems, other than yawning lots, often pound their teeth together, drool too much and showcase markedly unsightly breath. It also may not be clean for them to swallow their meals for the duration of meals. in case your cat seems to react unusually to ingesting, take observe, as it’s far absolutely time to name the veterinarian for an appointment.

Yawning in cats often denotes consolation and peace. in case your cat is definitely cozy with her surroundings, she may additionally specify that with the aid of stretching out her full-frame and giving off a long, expensive yawn. Cats who try this are satisfied and do not feel any dangers of their region — in other words, everything is amazing and nothing is frightening. if your cat yawns excessively, however, it can no longer be a sign of serenity but as an alternative a symptom of a fitness hassle, so take her to the vet to make sure.

No “Copycats” here
despite the fact that people may also usually involuntarily yawn due to seeing some other person yawning first, the manner does not work that way inside the feline world. If one cat yawns excessively, it won’t result in some other feline yawning more, too. Yawning isn’t always a reminder of upcoming nap time for our feline friends.

What your cat is trying to say to you
Here are some examples of common cat vocalizations:


  • Mew (high pitched and thin) – a polite plea for help
  • MEW! (loud and frantic) – an urgent plea for help

Adult cats:

  • mew – a plea for attention
  • mew (soundless) – a very polite plea for attention (this is Paul Gallico’s “Silent Miaow” which is probably a sound pitched too high for human ears)
  • meow – an emphatic plea for attention
  • MEOW! – a command!
  • mee-o-ow (with falling cadence) – protest or whine
  • MEE-o-ow (shrill whine) – stronger protest
  • MYUP! (short, sharp, single note) – righteous indignation
  • MEOW! Meow! (repeated) – panicky call for help
  • mier-r-r-ow (chirrup with liting cadence) – friendly greeting
  • Tomcats:
    merrow – a challenge to another male
  • meriow – courting call to female

Mother cats:

  • MEE-OW – come and get it!
  • meOW – follow me!
  • ME R-R-R-ROW – take cover!
  • mer ROW! – No! or Stop It!

mreeeep (burbled) – hello greeting to kittens and disarming greeting to adult cats (also used between adult cats and humans)