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Egyptian Maus are a small- to medium-sized brief-haired cat breed. they are one of the few naturally noticed breeds of a domesticated cat. The spots of the Mau arise on most effective the pointers of the hairs of its coat. it’s far taken into consideration to be an extraordinary breed.

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The breed conformation is described as “stability between the compactness of a Burmese and the slim beauty of a Siamese. Its medium-duration body is muscular, with the hind legs longer than the front, giving the Mau the arrival of standing on tiptoes whilst upright.” The Egyptian Mau is the fastest of the home cats, with its longer hind legs, and precise flap of skin extending from the flank to the lower back knee, offering for greater agility and duration of stride. Maus have been clocked jogging more than forty-eight km/h (30 mph).

Maus often own very musical voices. they’re known to chirp, chuckle, and emit other quite unusual vocalizations whilst inspired.[4] another conduct, quite not unusual in glad Maus, has been defined as “wiggle-tail.” The cat, whether or not girl or male, wiggles and twitches its tail, and looks to be marking territory, also referred to as spraying, however during this conduct the Mau isn’t always liberating urine. Facial expressions might also alternate consistent with temper, and eye coloration may also alternate from green to turquoise.


ancient evidence points to the Mau being an Egyptian breed. The tomcat genome records published inside the Pentascope file indicates the Egyptian Mau to be very intently associated with the Maine Coon, Korat, and American Turkish Angoras (ndf[clarification needed] native Turkish Angoras). The phylogenetic tree published in PlosOne demonstrates that the Egyptian Mau belongs to the group of Western-derived breeds. The East Mediterranean/Anatolian institution is ignored due to the fact breeds that supposedly originate in that geographic location do not do so.

The Mau achieved championship repute in some companies in 1968. There were attempts by British breeders to create Maus from pass-breeds of Abyssinians, Siamese, and tabbies, but, those did not resemble the authentic Maus. this mixture has become the basis for the Ocicat.

Egyptian Maus can have either a “scarab beetle” or “M” marking on their foreheads. people with the latter have a tendency to be from America.
A Bengal breeder named Jean Mill also made a few contributions to the breed. Mill changed into running with the Egyptian Mau’s throughout the time she becomes creating the Bengal cat breed. In 1982, Mill took a journey to India and spotted a home cat “walking across the rhinoceros compound” in a zoo. “He was an orange cat with little spots throughout him,” Mill said. “He becomes so uncommon, I requested [the zookeepers] to seize him for me. Mill called him (Millwood Toby of Delhi).

The curator of the new Delhi Zoo additionally gave Mill the sister of the cat in the rhinoceros cage which Mill named (Millwood Tasha of new Delhi). those two Indian home cats Toby and Tasha introduced a characteristic previously unknown in the Mau: the Rufus polygene. The descendants of those two cats Toby and Tasha had been regularly recorded as both Egyptian Mau and Bengal.
it has been stated that all glitter inside the Bengal cat, Egyptian Mau and Toyger breeds originates from Millwood Tory of Delhi.

Physical attributes

Egyptian Maus are typically slim and muscular and they may be notion to be one of the progenitor breeds of the modern-day domestic cat. they have got anatomical, metabolic, and behavioral variations from other cat breeds which could be taken into consideration evidence of antiquity or as a minimum specialty from other cat breeds. a few anatomical variations are their legs, which might be slightly shorter in the front than in the returned. they also have pores and skin fold below the stomach, similar to that of the cheetah, which assists in strolling by means of permitting the legs to stretch returned farther. also one of the most critical recognizable “traits” of this precise animal is an extended, dark, dorsal stripe that runs from its head to its tail alongside its spine.

The Mau is thought for having what is considered a devoted, friendly character.

Maus is more temperature-sensitive than most breeds—they are fond of very warm temperatures. they are more touchy to drug treatments and anesthesia. Maus allegedly has a strangely long gestational length, about seventy-three days. The maximum ordinary period for cats is sixty-five–sixty-seven days, even though Siamese may additionally take an afternoon or two longer.


Egyptian Maus are a distinctly uncommon breed. As of 2007, fewer than two hundred kittens are registered with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy every year. As of 2006, a complete of 6,742 Maus were registered with the Cat Fanciers’ affiliation. no longer all Mau kittens are registered. Maus are available six colorings. From most to least not unusual those colors are silver, bronze, smoke, black, caramel and blue/pewter.

Black and pewter Maus can’t be proven but can be utilized inbreeding. All Maus ought to have green eyes, but an amber forged is suitable in kittens and teens up to eighteen months old.

Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization and export

The Egyptian Mau Rescue enterprise (EMRO) is a corporation for the adoption, each regionally and across the world, of tame Maus born inside the middle East. Supported totally by means of private and corporate donors, EMRO aims to growth education in Egypt and around the world approximately the cats.

EMRO’s cats are not pedigreed Egyptian Maus; they may be Egyptian and Arabian avenue cats of unrecorded pedigree that come from the Mau’s area of landrace beginning. Breed registries will now not don’t forget these cats and their immediate offspring as Egyptian Maus. establishing later offspring as pedigreed Egyptian Maus calls for unique file-keeping to affirm parentage, and examination of the cats to ensure they meet a number of exacting breed general confirmation requirements to rule out disqualifying physical trends. as an instance, the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) will don’t forget the first technology of imported cats to be native Maus; their second- and third-generation offspring (derived from the identical imported inventory and/or bred to CFA-pedigreed Egyptian Maus – they should now not be out-bred to another breed) are considered home Maus. eventually, the fourth generation cats are eligible for placement on the active registry as formal Egyptian Mau breed specimens, supplied they were evaluated completely and accredited by a designated consultant of the Egyptian Mau Breed Council as conformant.

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The Egyptian Mau, who takes his call from the Egyptian word for cat, comes in three hues: silver with charcoal markings, bronze with dark brown or black markings, and smoke with black markings. puppy-high-quality cats are available in different hues, which includes stable black or blue, blue silver, and blue smoke.

Egyptian Mau Price
relying on the color variety and breeder, an Egyptian Mau can price anywhere from $ 800 to $ 1200.