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The Dragon Li is a lately set up Chinese breed of a domestic cat (additionally known as Chinese Li Hua or China Li Hua as a standardized breed, relying on breed registry). It turned into advanced from a commonplace landrace of cats in China, referred to as 貍花貓, Pinyin: lí huā māo, literally ‘fox flower cat’ (once in a while shortened to 花貓 huā māo or 貍貓 lí māo; the native cats are featured in some Chinese folklore memories. The derived standardized breed is diagnosed via China’s Cat Aficionado affiliation (CAA) the united states-based, worldwide Cat Fanciers’ affiliation (CFA).

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Physical characteristics

The Dragon Li presentations a unique golden-brown, damaged-mackerel (also referred to as damaged-striped) tabby sample; distinct ear tipping; large spherical almond fashioned luminescent yellow/inexperienced eyes; and a sturdy full-bodied stature harking back to its wild nature.


The eponymous Dragon Li is thought in China to be a herbal self-domesticating breed via manner of a wildcat subspecies, the Chinese language mountain cat (Felis silvestris bieti). while this principle is still somewhat arguable, it has additionally not been scientifically disproven and is therefore broadly conventional because of the origin of this breed inside established breeding sources in China. (All different cat breeds within the international are regarded to be descended from F. s. lybica, the African wildcat. The Chinese character interpretation is primarily based on a mythical description as opposed to a completely accurate modern-day portrayal of the lí Hua māo, and as a result, this cat was confused with the wild fox with the aid of the Chinese language. for that reason, the literally translated characters for lí Hua māo study as 貍 from 狐貍 ‘fox’; 花 for ‘flower’, referring to flower-like coat styles; and 貓 ‘cat’. This Chinese language-character description changed into based on what was believed to be the great interpretation earlier than current Western feline terminology has become the standard, i.e. a “flower sample” as opposed to a tabby sample.


The Dragon Li debuted as an experimental-magnificence standardized breed in Beijing, China, in January 2004 All-breed Judges Dolores Kennedy and Barb Belanger of the American Cat Fanciers affiliation (ACFA) had been guests of the Cat Aficionado affiliation (CAA) and judged the occasion. There were 4 of these pedigreed Dragon Li within the united states of America as of 2017.

In 2005, a male specimen named Needy, supplied by using its proprietor Da Han, changed into shown and gained its class as the first region CAA champion. The event was judged by means of John Douglas Blackmore of the ACFA. Needy turned into than “married” to a breeding companion in a complex mockup of a traditional Chinese marriage ceremony, attracting some press insurance. In February 2010, the Li Hua became well-known for displaying within the miscellaneous elegance via the worldwide (US-based totally) Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). due to the fact that gaining worldwide popularity, and due in part to its restrained availability, the Dragon Li / Chinese Li Hua has now end up of hobby to cat fanciers across the world.

The Chinese language literary legend “The Cat for Crown Prince Conspiracy” (狸貓換太子 Lí Māo Huàn Tài Zĭ) utilizes an lí Hua māo as its central topic. The story has more lately served as the premise for the third episode (rendered “Wild Cat Exchanged for Crown Prince” in English) of the Hong Kong television series Justice Pao (包青天 Bāo Qīng Tiān).

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The Dragon Li coat is typically short and near, requiring minimum grooming. colors and patterning that are typically located within the breed include tabby or brown and gold broken mackerel (damaged striped).

Dragon Li Cat Price

The Dragon Li Price can set you back anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over $1,500. The price tag is par for the course when shopping for a rare cat breed like the Dragon Li.