Do Dogs Get Depressed When Another Dog Dies?

When one dog passes away, your other dog may grieve. Here’s how to help your dog cope with the loss of a long time dog companion, for Dogs Get Depressed

As exceedingly social animals, dogs shape bonds with the animals and humans they spend their lives with. whilst any other animal member of a dog’s family circle of relatives passes away, your buddy can also revel in mourning and melancholy due to the loss.

Learn about depression in your dog
Since dogs can’t talk to us, it’s up to us to be in tune with them. This will help note any changes your dog might go through. If your dog is depressed, he may lose eye sparkle and keenness to play. He might sit around the house, not interested in almost everything including food.

Loss of a fellow animal companion
Like people, dogs handle grief in different ways and may interact differently with the loss of a family member. Your dog might wait patiently at the door, believing his friend will come from walking soon. He might walk around the house looking for his friend. The first to two weeks will be a period of adjustment for your dog, as he learns to adjust to life without his ex-partner. Barbara King, an anthropology professor at William and Mary College, told US News & World Report that a dog looking around the house in search of his friend shows a clear sign of his friend’s loss. She says the dogs are already suffering from real and painful sadness.