Chihuahua Dog Breed Facts and Information

Chihuahua canine Breed information and persona traits. Chihuahuas are unswerving, pleasant and appropriate family pets while dealt with respectfully. they can get all of the exercises wanted inside the house or condominium. inside the 1940s, well-known bandleader Xavier Cugat changed into acknowledged for carrying out the orchestra with a Chihuahua below his arm.

Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world, and it weighs between six and six pounds. Although small, she is fiercely loyal and produces an excellent pet for the family because she was born for companionship. I have seen famous Chihuahua in “Taco Bell” and “Legally Blonde” ads. Now, it’s time to get close and personal with these lovable puppies.

Chihuahua is small but strong, too. They are very active and have a long lifespan of 14-18 years. They are large in the bark, but they are likely not to leave too much or to excavate from the yard. AKC classifies them as a toy breed, and UKC classifies them as a companion dog. They are very smart and easy to train, but they are also stubborn. About 80% to 90% of Chihuahua births are born with smooth spots in their skull called molera. Usually, it will be closed, but it never disappears in some dogs.

The history of Chihuahua is garbled, and no one can agree where the dog came from. Some historians say that the dynasty originated in the sixteenth century and can be traced back to Spain, while others believe that the Aztecs or Incas were born first. The breed got its name from the Mexican state of Chihuahua, where the puppy was first discovered in 1850. The first Chihuahua was registered with the AKC in 1908 (his name was Beppie). Since these dogs were also found in Texas and Arizona, they were called “Texas Dog” and “Arizona Dog” before they were simply known as Chihuahua. Today, they are celebrated at Cinco de Mayo in Mexico with Chihuahuas running, dog-like competitions and costumes.

Chihuahua loves to draw attention from everyone. They are charming and loyal, and they will adapt to any situation. They love to hang around in their owners’ rolls and play around since they have an endless amount of energy. If these dogs feel threatened, they may be attracted to someone, and if they are not properly trained, you may want to control their owners.

The appearance
Chihuahua weighs only between 2 to 6 pounds. The female is 7 inches long and 9 inches tall. They have both short and long coats that fall flat and straight. Some Chihuahua will have a soft, short coat, while others will have a long, soft coat. These dogs come in any color and are not demanding when it comes to decorating. Their ears are naturally straight, have short, pointed masks, and round eyes. Some chihuahuas are probably more than others overweight, so it is important not to give them a lot of food scraps and feed them high-quality dog ​​food only.

Basic facts about Chihuahua:

  • Character: active, sincere, energetic and charming
  • Energy level: high
  • Portability of training: highly trained, but must be done early because they will all walk if not trained.
  • Good for children: Yes, but not if they are moody or poorly trained.
  • Good for other dogs: needs supervision, but usually goes well with other dogs.
  • Shedding: Not much
  • Grooming: low. Soft-groomed dogs need some brushing and bathing regularly, while long-haired dogs need to be cleaned at least once a week.
  • The level of bark: high, because they want attention
  • Height: male: 9 inches with the withers, females: 7 inches with the withers
  • Weight: 2 to 6 pounds
  • Life expectancy: 14-18 years

How smart is the Chihuahua dog?
In addition to being companions of Hanoun’s house, Chihuahua is smart and quickly educated. They can compete in experiences of agility and obedience with the same enthusiasm and success as large dogs. However, they are intentional little dogs. … Chihuahuas are bold explorers.

Is Chihuahua easy to train?
Most Chihuahua needs a little obedience training. They only need to learn a few basic words, like no, yes, come, wait, ok. Some people are easy to train, while others are more stubborn. … despite the importance of these few words and orders, storming into the home is more important.