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The Chausie (/ˈtʃaʊsi/) is a domestic breed of cat that became advanced by breeding a few individuals from the non-domestic species jungle cat (Felis chaus) to a far greater quantity of home cats (Felis silvestris catus ). The Chausie became first identified as a domestic breed by way of The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1995. inside the domestic breeds, the Chausie is labeled as a non-home hybrid supply breed. because Chausies are typically descended from home cats, by approximately the fourth generation they may be fully fertile and absolutely home in temperament.

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the first hybrids of the jungle cat (Felis chaus) and the home cat (Felis silvestris catus) may additionally be born in Egypt several thousand years in the past. The jungle cat is native to a considerable vicinity spanning Southeast Asia, India, and the Middle East (Sunquist, 2002). For the most component, it is an Asian species of wild cat that lives by using rivers and lakes. but the species is determined in one small vicinity of North Africa: the Nile Delta. it is well known that the historical Egyptians saved domestic cats as pets. Many home cat mummies have been determined interred in Egyptian temples.

What is not so well known is that one other species of a cat was occasionally preserved after the loss of life through mummification; that became the jungle cat (Malek, 1993). F. chaos isn’t a timid species; they’re acknowledged for stepping into abandoned buildings and living as luckily through irrigation canals as by wild rivers, supplied that good enough prey and shrubbery for cover are to be had. due to the fact, home cats are probable to have often encountered jungle cats alongside the Nile and from time to time even within their proprietors’ homes, it seems that hybrids of the 2 species were probable frequently born there.

a few human beings experimented with breeding F. chaus to F. s. status within the late 1960s and 1970s. Their intention becomes to offer a realistic alternative to keeping non-home cats as pets. but, the Chausie breed did no longer definitely begin until the Nineties, whilst a committed institution of breeders named the breed “Chausie” (after Felis chaus) and evolved a deliberate breeding application and desires. those breeders requested for and received registration fame from TICA in 1995. The breed labored its manner through the brand new Breed magnificence from might also 2001 via April 2013, and have become TICA’s most up-to-date Championship breed on may additionally 1, 2013. Chausies are now being bred in each North America and Europe. The breed has all started the brand new breed reputation technique in the world Cat Federation (WCF).


currently, the maximum true Chausies produced are late technology cats with completely domestic temperaments. Their TICA registration certificate will usually indicate that they’re “C” technology or “SBT,” which nearly always manner they are four generations or greater past the jungle cat (F. chaus). In cases where they are “A” or “B” era, additionally, it is due to the fact they were recently outcrossed to some other domestic breed to improve specific cosmetic developments, but the cats are though more than four generations beyond the handful of nondomestic ancestors.

even though the authentic, permissible outcrosses for the Chausie breed during early breed improvement have been the Abyssinian and the domestic shorthair (no recognizable breed), in exercise any kind of merely domestic outcross can be used. TICA guidelines best dictated that cats ought to be a positive number of generations removed from the jungle cat ancestors and feature 3 generations of registered Chausie ancestors to be eligible for the opposition at suggests. consequently, a spread of breeds, albeit usually energetic outgoing breeds (see beneath), had been used to broaden the Chausie breed and stay used once in a while as outcrosses. This has given the breed a numerous and healthful genetic basis.


Chausies are bred to be medium to massive in length, compared to conventional home breeds. most Chausies are a touch smaller than a male Maine Coon, as an instance, however larger than a Siamese. adult Chausie men usually weigh 11 to 16 pounds. person females are normally 8 to 13 pounds. but, due to the fact Chausies are constructed for going for walks and leaping, they’re long-bodied and leggy with medium boning. The torso is deep-chested with flat sides. The ears are huge, tall, and set excessive on the head, about two fingers apart. The cheekbones are striking—outstanding, lengthy, and angular—and the eyes are flattened on top and form a half oval underneath.

Coat colors and patterns

The TICA Chausie breed well-known lets in three colors: stable black, black grizzled tabby, and black (a.k.a. brown) ticked tabby. because the Chausie breed is noticeably new, Chausies are still frequently born that have a diffusion of different shades and patterns, and they make exquisite pets. but, simplest the 3 permissible colors are taken into consideration ideal. most effective cats in the three permissible colors may be entered in new breed classes at cat suggests, and only the three colors can be eligible subsequently for championship lessons. Gold or yellow eyeshade is desired, even though yellower and lighter sunglasses of green are allowed.

stable black Chausies may additionally have faint tabby markings (referred to as ghost markings) as kittens, however generally acquire a dense, even black pigmentation with maturity. from time to time black grizzled tabby Chausies will appear indistinguishable from stable black Chausies whilst the quantity of grizzling is minimal. exposure to strong sunlight, as with most black cats, can motive black Chausies to lighten slightly and seem brownish.

Black grizzled tabbies are specific to the Chausie breed among domestic cats. The grizzled sample comes from the jungle cat; its miles never observed in home cats unless they have F. chaus ancestors. The kittens are often born absolutely black, even though every now and then they’ll have a chunk of mild colored fur at the chin or neck at delivery. as the kittens become older, they begin to look more and more like tabbies.

however, they are tabbies with black on black markings. that is, the historical past color is a kind of dark brownish-black, and the markings, such as the mid-line stripe on the backbone, are pure black. similarly, alternating bands of off-white appear on individual hairs in the heritage shade. The bands are along the center of each hair. the basis of every hair is mousie gray, at the same time as the end of every hair is black.

The off-white banding or “ticking” usually seems first at the neck, chin, and belly, as well as the insides of the ears. Later, the grizzling will regularly extend up the edges from the stomach to almost the backbone. in the most closely grizzled cats, the grizzling extends over the returned of the neck, on the face, or even on the legs and tail. generally the grizzling is whole with the aid of age 3 years. The impact of exceptional cats is mind-blowing. Grizzling does have an extensive range of expression, but, and a few cats by no means have a number of banded hairs inside the ears or in one spot at the stomach, sometimes no longer even that.

Black ticked tabby Chausies have black ticking, black stripes at the inner of the top legs and to a lesser extent at the out of doors, black rings at the tail, a black tail tip, and black tabby markings around the eyes. they are additionally known as brown ticked tabbies due to the fact, although the markings are black, the historical past color is brownish. The background coloration can vary in hue throughout a big variety. even as Chausie breeders try to avoid producing the very reddish-brown heritage coloration visible inside the Abyssinian breed, they do produce the whole thing else in the range. heritage shade can be reddish gold, it may be a mild golden brown, heat beige, bloodless beige, or even a totally cool mild grey with just a hint of brown in it.

The latter is a totally wild searching historical past shade. Random polygenes have an impact on heritage color. whenever a black ticked tabby kitten is born, breeders start guessing what the historical past coloration may be. however, no person certainly is aware of until the cat matures.

because breeders outcrossed the foundation jungle cats to normally smart, outgoing breeds inclusive of the Abyssinian and Oriental Shorthair, Chausies are shrewd, energetic, athletic cats. they’re regularly very “busy” as kittens. As adults, they may be quieter, however, they nevertheless keep playfulness and lifelong interest. Chausies do no longer like to be on my own; they want to produce other cats as companions or have human enterprise most of the time. Chausies get along nicely with dogs, too, and will do satisfactory if raised with a dog friend. moreover, Chausies shape deep bonds with human beings. they’re loyal and may have difficulty adjusting if re-homed as adults.

as with every non-home hybrid source breeds, a few Chausies may inherit intestinal tracts much like that of the non-domestic ancestors. The intestinal tract can be a little shorter than that of the traditional domestic cat. A shorter intestinal tract is a notion to be much less able to processing elements derived from flowers. that would encompass any sort of cereal, as well as veggies, herbs, and spices. those ingredients might also serve as triggers for continual intestinal infection and sooner or later result in continual inflammatory bowel ailment that is perpetuated with the aid of multiple allergic reactions to proteins in business cat food.

irrespective of the purpose, Chausies do seem somewhat liable to developing food allergies. To prevent this, breeders propose Chausie proprietors to feed the most effective very high great commercial cat foods, containing as little of plant-derived elements as possible or advise feeding homemade uncooked or cooked meat diets with suitable supplementation. If homemade diets are fed, it ought to be with the guidance of a person skilled in getting ready them, due to the fact meat with the aid of itself does not include all of the vitamins that Chausies require.

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Chausie is a breed of cat originally from the United States … cats meant that Chausie’s also have a “ticking” pattern (two alternating colors on the hair).

Chausie Cat Price
The Chausie cat price varies, with kittens being offered within the variety of $400 to $600. The Chausie rate for an adult cat can commonly variety everywhere among $500 and $1,000.