Cauliflower Ear in Dogs

Should I empty my cauliflower ears? Exchange and pressure
Your doctor may be able to treat the condition by draining excess blood from your ear. They do this by making an incision at the site of the injury so that the blood can drain from the injury. After drying your ear, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to help prevent infection.

The swelling of the dog’s earplugs often occurs due to chronic allergies and ear infections. Often it does not heal without treatment, which results in the dog being hit by his head or head and more trauma to the ear, the earmuff may swell partially or completely with blood and block the ear canal.

What is commonly referred to as “cauliflower ear” in dogs is an ear deformity that results from an untreated aural hematoma. Swelling of a fluid-filled hematoma becomes consistent and thickened over time, resulting in cauliflower ear. Auditory hematoma occurs when blood accumulates inside the cartilage layers in the ear. The condition is most common in dogs with long, flexible ears, such as settlers, ears and hounds.

One of the most common symptoms of hematoma in the ear is swelling in the ear. The dog may scratch the swollen ear and may try rubbing it on the ground or rubbing it with its paw. The ear is generally painful for the dog and is hot to the touch. The dog may shake his head a lot in an attempt to relieve discomfort associated with a hematoma. If your dog has light skin and a short coat, you may notice that the ear has a pink or red color.

the reasons
The condition occurs frequently in long-eared dogs because these types of dogs are more likely to develop ear infections. It is also possible that these types of dogs have parasites or foreign bodies in their ear that go unnoticed because the ear hides them. The condition occurs when the dog shakes his head in an attempt to relieve itching or discomfort in the ear. Violent head shaking causes the blood vessels in the ear to break, resulting in a hematoma.

Treatment or treatment
Treatment of a hematoma in the ear begins with the identification and treatment of the underlying condition – such as an ear or mite infection – that has caused swelling. Then the hematoma is reduced using needle aspiration. However, with only needle aspiration, the condition is likely to return. In most cases, the vet must perform ear surgery to ensure that the hematoma does not return. Surgery generally involves making an S-shaped incision on the surface of the ear and expelling the blood and strokes that caused swelling.

Preventing an ear hematoma is not always possible. However, strict parasite control using a product like Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution is a good first step. These products are all available from your veterinarian. It is also important that you regularly inspect your dog’s ears to make sure she does not have an ear emission. Dry the inner parts of the dog’s ears if they are swimming, bathing, or are in the rain. Regular cleaning of the ears can also help prevent ear mites.

For dogs with flexible ears, such as Basset dogs, moving the ears from the inside out to dry them with air may help prevent ear infections and keep the ears clean. It is a good idea to clean your dog’s ears every week. Wiping the dog’s ear with a dry cotton ball or one slightly moistened with mineral oil is all it requires in a healthy ear. If your dog’s ear is dirty, wiping it with a cotton swab dipped in mineral oil is a good way to start. Wrap the cotton ball around your finger and insert your finger as deeply into the canal as possible, but do not press the ear. It may take several cotton balls to clean the ear.

How to treat cauliflower ear at home?
Initial treatment
Ice the injury as quickly as possible. You can do this by applying ice for 15 minutes. This will help reduce swelling and may prevent cauliflower ear. You should also seek medical treatment immediately.

Will I get a cauliflower ear from BJJ?
Broccoli ear is a common condition in wrestlers. Since there are many similarities between wrestling and jiu-jitsu, cauliflower ears can often be found in jiu-jitsu athletes. Some find the situation abhorrent.